Question on dragon breeding

Hello War Dragons community,

I’m a relatively new player whos have some inquiries regarding the dragon breeding aspect ofz the game.

I have read about the existence of breeding guides and their usefulness in helping players advance in the most efficient way. For I started out not knowing much about the guides’ existence, my lineage dragons are very much out of order… Should I make the effort to get back on track based on a specific guide (I was looking at Red’s best breeding guide earlier) or find a track that best fits the dragons that I have and stick to it?

In addition, since breeding is a crucial component of the game, egg tokens needless to say are also important. I have been saving Sigils and I am now considering whether or not to spend them on egg mission token bonus. For the season is already half over, I wonder if doing so if still beneficial.

Lastly, I’m just very curious about how everyone comes up with the guides in the first place. Is it through pure experimentation?

All feedbacks and opinions are valued
Thank you

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Hi love - you sent this in a private message to me. Did you want this to be a thread or would you like my opinion and help?

I’m very sorry for I didn’t mean to send a private message. Can you show me how to make it a general discussion instead?

Thanks a lot and sorry for the typos…

I’m a forum mod - Lee see if I can take care of this for you

There we go! As for my own personal advice:

I’d highly recommend a custom breeding “bridge” to take you from where you are to the path you’d like to be on. They are pretty easily done and I can help with that.

If you’re very active, I’d go for the token bonus. By very active I mean you do you missions multiple times a day and know how to speed them up and “token farm” efficiently.

People make breeding paths based on game statistics like those we find on Each person has their own way of going about it and there are different goals for each path - from cost to strength (a cheap path won’t be strong, and a strong path won’t be cheap).


That would depends on what you want, your level of participation, whether u bought elite account, amount of gems u possessed. If I were you, if having more than 2k gems, and having elite account, able to spend at least 5 hours a day every day to clear missions go ahead. Make sure that can clear at least 3-5k egg tokens a day, 10k a day better, u won’t regret. If one day get less than 2k, forget it and spend your hard earned sigils on divines and enjoy it. My take

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Red any news or rumors about new tier?
we have nothing to breed during breeding event :joy:

Hi red. I didn’t know about the guides until platinum filled out and pretty much was unwittingly starting the hate my life path into sapphire. I think I want A&A, nier, and noctua and am considering your A&A5 path. Was getting ready to grab my 1st Garnett but maybe its better to get back on track. So i have anapa and sekhem breedable, and apophet expert (use constantly) . I do have the elite acct and starting to push my egg missions.
What are your thoughts on moving forward? Get the garnet asap, stay on A&A5 means scorch then hau, custom alternate? Any information is appreciated

Thank you RedDelilah and Brucey very much for the information. I’d just read a guide on how to farm egg tokens efficiently and I will give it a try during this breeding event to get an idea of whether or not I should pursue the token boost.

For my current lineage dragons, I have Gaspar and Naga as the only ones at green tier. I’m deciding still whether Amarok and Durga is necessary to advance. My goal in breeding is to obtain a strong dragon roster so I don’t have to depend solely on divines (which I currently am). My level is 47 and I have not many reliable lineage dragons that can be trained without boosts or significant reduction in attack power, making solo xp runs a great challenge.

Please let me know of your opinion on what I should do to improve the condition. I greatly appreciate your help.

Amarok at your level will still be useful. Next useful lineage dragon after Amy will be Ettin, Danzig and Hugin. All the rest are just breeders. Then in Gold it will be whale and cons.

You just lost cool points for referring to Amarok as Amy… @Grumpybigbird


New tier coming up, per a “slip” (?) in the upcoming patch notes regarding new icon art work:


Alrighty then - Rocky - does that work for ya? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Much better. Although I prefer “The Rock”

I called my Amarok by “Ammy” because I loved the game Okami, which features the Japanese sun god Amaterasu in the form of a wolf. In that game, Amaterasu is often called “Ammy” by some of the other characters. And when I was still low enough level to fly Amarok, he felt like a freaking god :laughing: tearing apart those unsuspecting bases lol.

Well if I were you, though amarok is a hell drake at your level, and u might have stronger divines, use them and move on. Get progress else your divines would be stuck. Get the cheapest route, grind on missions, and fill your roster. With current roster keep hauheset and noctua as your target and you won’t regret.

If you already have greens I wouldn’t get Amarok at full price anymore.

I’d say grab Garzev for 8k (for example Viscus + Gaspar, but other combo’s work too).
Then you can breed Ith and Ettin for 26k (with Gaspar + Garzev), that unlocks your green evolve stones for divines as well.
Then you can get Amarok as a backbreed for just over 1k with Baldr + Ith
If you don’t have Hydron yet, get him for 1k tokens with Arborius + Gaspar

After that I think you can follow Red’s Best Breeding Path from step 17 onwards.

@TheRedDelilah please correct me if this is bad advice!

Let me clarify here - so far in Sapphire you have Anapa, Sekhem, and Apophet - correct? Do you mind if I also ask what level you are?

Send me a message with photos of your dragons in Blue-Green. I’ll make a custom path for you.

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Anapa, sekhem, and apophet are my only sapphire. Level 177. Not sure where why this isn’t grouped with other post