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I have heard that pvp Islands (or was it bases) are worth more if your team has completed more of the pve islands. Is this true? If so how is the difference calculated? Looking at you here @forScience :joy:

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Aaargh this is a tough one… is it you steal more points if the other team has gotten further through the islands… Or if it’s your team that is further… I think, but I may be wrong, that if the other team is further, they have accumulated more points in event, and thus there are more to steal…

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This one will give you the closest approximation points for event

I don’t know specifically, but I was always instructed by my former team that we clear the PVE islands before we focus on the PVP islands. Whether that was due to increased value by way of islands being cleared or increased value of the opposition later in the event and us being able to focus entirely on them after clearing the chain I don’t know.

You are paired up with a team of similar points.
If you’re still on the first island and have very few points, your PvP pair will be similar, and not worth much.
If you’re on the last island and have many points, your PvP pair will be similar, and have many points to steel.

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Atops I think that’s the answer. For some reason I can’t flag this as the answer but thanks! :hugs:

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VP for killing a PvP island is comprised of 2 parts:

  • Static VP Award
  • Opponent VP Steal

The Static VP award is a set amount that you win no matter if you defeat the island first or second, as long as it’s done in the time frame. This amount is set by the FURTHEST ISLAND you have defeated, and is exponentially increasing the VP it gives, as well as “base difficulty” multiplier for personal points.

The Opponent VP Steal is 8% of the other teams VP they currently have. Needless to say, it’s fairly obvious this figure always grows as event goes on so it goes from a negligible factor to the most important factor.

At the beginning of the event, it is always better to put your attack into getting further along the PvE islands so that every single PvP island in the rest of the event can award higher points. This is because the energy you would spend to kill the PvP island can further you along several islands, giving you won VP each time as well as the increased VP for every PvP island. While you may end up SLIGHTLY behind other teams who focus PvP first, you will ultimately come out on top if you can keep ahead of them in the islands :slight_smile:

Pic incoming since it’s on my device



One last point is that this event is probably still broken. Other teams VP is typically not removed from VP scores listed in the team ranking page on the events, and the 8% stolen is actually stolen from their actual amount. This has been broken for many many iterations and is frustrating that PG can’t even match the VP amounts of a team between their battle page and the team ranking pages.

One contains VP lost/stolen
One skips this (-) value

Fix it pls @PGCoffee


@mechengg to the rescue as always. Thanks buddy! :hugs::+1:

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This might be a silly question but here goes. Is it still worth it to continue attacking enemy base after they’ve destroyed ours?

Yes, you can earn a lot of points, but you won’t get back the points they stole from you.


Absolutely. If your team has the energy to kill it before the timer expires then your team will at least earn the static VP part of the points.

That is of course dependent on how far you are along PvE islands

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Awesome, thank you

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