Question on xp bonuses

I’m working with support and they’re doing a great job. I just was curious to see if other players have had this issue.
My daily xp bonuses I get the x5, x4, x3, but I don’t get a x2. Is that a problem for other players as well?
I cleared cache, data, uninstalled and reinstalled but nothing. Support has been great so far, no fix but we’re working together on it.

Nope - that’s normal.

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I’d rather get a 5/4/3 than a 4/3/2 right? :slight_smile:

Support replies? :thinking:

Ah I thought you got x5, 4, 3, 2. Guess I never noticed before. Better update my ticket that it’s working as intended. Weird we’ve been going over it for a couple hours and nobody knows it’s normal hahaha

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Respond to the ticket and say it needs to be escalated to a senior agent. That support person needs to learn a thing or 2. Yes the normal is 5x, 4x, 3x, but the agent should know that or be able to find out and not waste your time like that.


you Could have told support you only got your 5,4 and 3 but missing your 4.5,3.5 and 2 and they would be searching for days on it :roll_eyes:

I don’t want to bother another support person. It would take even more time from other tickets. I’ll just let the agent know and close it

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Support knows nothing about this game! It’s very obvious…

The support team of this game is a third party, so they don’t have all the information about the game. The default reply is more a message acknowledging your problem and giving them time to look for answers or fix if they don’t have solution right away for the most frequently asked questions, in my opinion.

This seems like something they should know. If you’re offering support for a game and giving responses that people presume to be any sort of correct, you’d think the support team answering your help messages has at least played the game for at least a little. This person shouldn’t be allowed to answer WD tickets, imo

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