Question re rider - max or not?


Just wanted to ask Beta players - has riders gone through similar evolution as dragons where new tiers keep appearing over time (e.g. emerald to obsidian)? I’m asking because I’m faced with the choice of either maxing Grogg or Necryx - I am unable to do both unless I sink $'000s into the next few weeks. If riders haven’t continually increased in tiers then I will most likely max Grogg out instead of Necryx. What’s everyone’s thoughts here?

For context I’m level 97, looooong way to go yet for Obsidian. By the time I level up there will be probably an extra 3 tiers for me to “look forward” to…


My thought is that you will always have the rider regardless of dragon tier. Necryx will eventually be obsolete. Having a maxed rider seems great. I don’t have Atlas so can’t speak to that aspect, but I have obsidian dragons if that puts my opinion into context. On a non-dark dragon, Grogg gives a 10% Health and 9.5% damage boost. On a dark dragon, about double. So unless some completely badass riders eventually come out that would likely be a complete pain to max in Atlas, Grogg will have long-lasting value.


Grogg can be universally used on any dragon class (unlike Atlas riders which have class specific skills) so he can always be relevant. Even if a new top rider appears you could still move Grogg to your second strongest dragon whereas divines will be obsolete sooner or later.

On the other hand there will be more riders in the next seasons that might be even better than Grogg, but you never know when the next great hunter will come with a great spellset like Necryx.

Basically it’s up to you. You could also max Nec to make him worthwhile for the next 1-2 years as you’re below lvl100 and you can put a non maxed Grogg on him. Grogg can be good even if he isn’t maxed. His first skills already give a good boost and you could still craft gear for him if you didn’t get all the pieces from his season branch.

On my main (lvl200+) I maxed Nec and Grogg, on my alt (lvl70+, Low Activity) I got Nec to Platinum (in Sapphire you get Hauheset) and put a lvl1 Grogg on him for a small boost :joy:

Atlas Rider Gear Buffs. What about us?!?!

Thanks guys. That’s what I thought. I have both necryx and Grogg at sapphire at the moment.

I didn’t know you could still craft gear for Grogg? Does Grogg need to be a certain level to use certain gear? That’s what I’m finding with the gear from season tree.


There’s a level limitation with the gears for grogg, which I don’t recall the exact number)


The level limitation was supposed to be removed, but was only removed for the crafted gear, not for Grogg’s season gear.
Maybe @PGDave can tell us if this was intended.

But it’s not a big problem as the rider stones that directly follow each gear piece will level Grogg high enough to wear that gear piece :wink:


Gear levels for Grogg’s season gear are still applicable and intended. Right now crafted gear has no level restrictions.


Thanks @pgEcho - can you also confirm that Grogg can equip crafted gear?

And also, would Grogg be able to gain XP in Atlas at some stage?


Grogg can equip crafted rider gear. He will not be able to gain XP in Atlas, he only will level up via the stones in this season in his branch. If you miss them, there wont be another chance to get them.


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