Question regarding perch and dragon


Hey everyone, I have a question regarding perch and how it it works with what lvl dragons go on it. I checked the tiers perch which level perch required on dragon manager website but

i do not understand specifically if perch needs a higher level for stronger and her lvl dragons within that tier.

i bred gloomclaw and have very good gear on my def rider waiting, but i want to expert my gloomclaw before i place on perch for higher attack per fireball. BUT my perch is currently level 36… will an expert gloom claw be able to sit on it? or am i leveling too high and will require a higher lvl perch for an expert gloomclaw?

i can’t afford a very high perch, blackpearls restriction and timers(very expensive timespan for perches).


It’ll be able to sit on your perch. The perch limits by tier, not power.


so wat the is the point of leveling perch so expensively (if thats a word) all the way from 36 to 46 garnet to emerald!!! wthhhh


An increase in power and hp, i think?


the hp i understand, but power level? is this referring to a different power other than the dragon on it? srry im slow on catching on about this.


Realistically, there’s not much point to it. You raise the perch to increase the HP of the perch and open higher tier dragons to put on it. But the vast majority of the power of a perch comes from the rider and gear. If you are stressed out about the pearls, don’t upgrade it and just leave a garnet dragon on it.

End-game people upgrade it because sticking a Harbinger or Vanguard dragon on it makes it actually do some real damage, which is nice.


And just in case you’re not aware - any mythic dragon on a perch (i.e., Mehaten, Gloomclaw, etc.) will be better than a legendary - even if the legendary is the next higher tier.


thank you both of you. i appriciate the answers.

if any mod wants to close the thread they can.
ty again.


My perch is 45 (emerald tier). Should I put a maxed Pyrochis there or Mehaten?


Scroll 2 post above and read DocHoliday comment.


Pyrochis it is.


Mehaten as it is mythic warrior. Dragon on perch don’t do much damage to attacker dragon.




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