Question that wonders in my mind

When you have atlas elite you do get a substantial increase on gold troops shards but not glory, wouldn’t it be more enticing if glory was increased to make more people buy it

I can make a suggestion like how every reset every dragon gets a 5xp boost then 4 then 3
But instead how about a double glory or 1.5 bonus for the first 3 attacks of player vs player attacks
Just a suggestion what is everyone thoughts on this suggestion


it wouldn’t be a bad idea :smirk: :smirk:

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I’m just saying wouldn’t it make want buy atlas elite for more glory?

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certainly, I think so

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I say its a win win for PG and the player base who pays for it

It would be definitely beneficial to those who buy elite , but will create a glory creep between the two groups . As of now the attacker and defender get glory based on scaling . With that in effect a non elite defender will get less glory , which kinda sucks .

Just compare it to main game elite , it gives you more rss to progress but doesnt affect costs of breeding and tower build time . Same with atlas elite , helps you build more troops for you to kill more and gives you more rss ( gold and hats) to build more troops .

Another problem I see is that it will still promote hitting below . A diamond team will still hit below a sapphire 3 in ranks and get normal + % buff to an acceptable level of glory . We saw this scenario with the double glory week where people hit left and right cause all was double.

I would strongly disagree to elite changing that way .


I would say the glory bonus would count at your tier & or above

Still creates a huge gap between attacker and defender. The attacker already has a huge advantage of getting better glory .


Didn’t say the thought would be perfect I would like to obtain more glory wouldn’t you

Nobody says no to more glory , but glory is already out there in big pools . As I stated above attacker already gets better glory

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Atlas Elite = 2.5x faster hat regen + 5x higher gold gain. Wouldn’t that be equal to higher glory potential already?


i have a better idea.
why cant we buy glory in store?
“glory pack”
pack for enough to max 1 elite branch or a line in branch.
or enough to get the mhytic.
that would be easier.
and less headache

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You can already, but it’s expensive.

  • Buy packs with diamonds.
  • Buy Atlas Badge Chests, 10/4k diamonds.

Not exactly glory, but glory is used to obtain Atlas badge chests for season prize, and this buys the badge chests


you can buy for primarches/riders.
not for season prizes

ahh i am talking about direct glory packs

most active atlas players already finishing season in the first month of the season, maybe on 2nd.
it will just feed the less actives/inactives players.
what are we suppose to do with extra extra glory when there is no prizes to claim?

Let your lazy friends farm your extra troops so they can get some glory.

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never have extra troops, sowwy.
all mine and they all precioussss


How about like lumber/food boost where there glory boost in alotted time how about that

The very first form of atlas elite was an event offer to double the glory earned in a glory-based event.

I personally really liked the concept and some form of glory incentive would certainly help justify the extreme price of Atlas elite.

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Anyone else feel that the conversation in this thread dropped about 25 IQ points recently?

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