Question to advance dog owners this breed legal in my state

Breed I’m talking about is a doggo argentino
I have had large breed dogs but I’m looking to get one of these dogs since people think I’m crazy because I want to own a puma but this dog will doa video if you never heard of this breed I’m going to get one if all legal channels are open looking in Tennessee I haven’t found any restrictions on them

Uhm, I’m not sure the War Dragons Forums is a good place to ask… :sweat_smile:

Maybe ask around where you live? Search around in this wonderful invention called Google?


Nobody never heard of that breed think I’ll have to talk to animal society to see if they are legal here I’m asking because there are alit of animal lovers here

Owning them is nothing to be considered crazy about. You just need to give enough care and to enforce adaquate control so that things will be safe for you, your pets, other people and their properties along with their own pets.

I’m not sure about adopting a puma in my county in terms of legal restrictions or requirements, but for that specific breed of dog is 100% legal for anyone to have as that breed isn’t listed in the list of prohibited dog breeds. All that matters is that if you can keep the laws specifically made for generally-considered-hostile-breeds. -which aren’t much, tbh. You just need to put a leash and muzzle on him/her when you are outside with your dog and you need to pay for a gchb pet insurance iirc.


Money is not a issue it’s the legal part is all I care about I will have to have her trained yes I rather have a female I have a friend that’s a breeder/trainer

If state laws do not ban that specific breed, you should be fine. There usually is a ban list, so you should check on that.

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What are your thoughts on the breed remember the state can allow it but the county is a nother story

The video of why I want one

Not big enough of a backyard for one. Sounds like it’s better to have a pack of them.

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That’s half way truth as long it’s get the exercise I can speak for my self there is a field 4 blocks away that is is like 10 acres so it will have the room to play but I must have him broke in after Christina has her train she should be fine as she trains bullies and breeds them her dogs don’t bark unless it’s the puppies

I wish I have a big enough backyard. They seem really cool dogs but here in California any special breeds I would have difficulty with securing home insurance if it is possibly aggressive. No field or real wild life except coyotes in my back yard area.

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That’s why the guy in the video goes to texas