Question to all German Rottweiler or American bully

Which one should I get

That’s German Rottweiler puppies

These are American bully puppies


ALL OF THEM!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


This is for my wife I know my wife if she did have a place for them all she would get them all

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huh, I thought you were like 12

Yeah I was like 21 years ago

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I feel sorry for those dogs who are stuck in little concrete pads their whole life. :cry:

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One of each!

:roll_eyes: Reading the title…


Get the Rott because i want the Pitt

That is not a pitbull it’s a American bully often confused as one but it’s not

Ive had an american bulldog and the Daddy in the cage looked too short and stout to be a bulldog🤔

Oh well either way they look good

Rescue one from a shelter. Dont support puppy mills.


Nothing good from what I saw

Well enjoy your inbred and probably malnourished puppy.

Bulldogs are the sweetest baby’s ever. I’ve grown up with them my entire life…

The puppies (either) are cute…but ALL puppies are cute. You need to ask the right questions of the breeder like " Can I meet the dame and the sire?", “Have they gotten all their shots?” , and “If something should happen to myself and S.O., will you take/want them back?” If no to any of these questions, find a new breeder. While I don’t agree with the negative stance that Fox is making, you can find a wonderful companion from a shelter (2 of my 5 dogs are from a shelter). Good luck.


No bad options :+1:

Post pics when you decide :grinning:

Is this for real?

Sometimes you can’t have it all, but sometimes when you stop and think about something you are surprised by the end result.

I was stuck choosing between two and it was a tough decision. But when I ultimately thought it through I realized I didn’t have to choose and it was the absolute best decision. Which is my experience.

I don’t have either breed, so can’t comment on the qualities or contribute in any other way.