Question to dog people for post op pets

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Please dont take advice concerning your pet’s health from random people on a game forum. Contact your vet and ask them what they would advise




I would choose taste of the wild because that’s what I gave Monster he loved that food especially the fish one but I need to find out what is he allergic to

Talk to your vet!!!


Like Zero said, ask your vet. Im sure they can do some kind of test to see what your doggo is allergic to as well as recommended a different dog food brand.

It’s not wise to take advice like this from people playing a game. You don’t know if some twist piece of garage is lying to you and what they say could harm your dog.

These literally should be the ONLY things you should listen too from this post.


Ok, this is not your personal twitter or facebook timeline. People don’t know you, they don’t know your pets or what you are talking about. You have random people on here that you have no idea if you can trust what they are saying. If you care about your pets then do not give them things based on what some rando on here says.

Talk :clap:t2: to :clap:t2: your :clap:t2: vet :clap:t2:

@moderators This doesn’t belong here and it also doesn’t really make much sense.


Please stop creating unnecessary topics. Please stop using the forums like your personal social media account.

This is NOT something that should be asked here. As other people have already mentioned, you need to ask your vet. They, just like you, know what’s best for your dog. We do not.


I’ve got 5 dogs 3 corgis 1 elkhound 1 Shepard most of my dogs seem to scratch with chicken thr vet I go to suggested purina one fish flavor its about 42 dollars for a 40 pound bag it’s good for their fur and skin along with most dogs aren’t allergic to it.

But seriously talk to your vet.

Thank you :pray:.


Take them to the vet!!! Please don’t ask random people on a dragon game forums for advice about your dogs health.

Off topic doesnt mean Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, like posts🥲 From what I was told, off-topic is for war dragons topics that don’t fit into any of the other given categories/topics.


Check with your vet. The forums aren’t the place for medical advice. Hypoallergenic is used for something that’s unlikely to cause allergic reactions. In the current usage, it suggests the the food is eating Chico.