Question to PG about account

A week of communication with support on the issue of level recovery, which was dropped in 1 …
A month of communication with support on the issue of restoring medals that were dropped to 0 …
What did you do with the account? After the return of medals, they ceased to accrue … A few days later at the end of the event, the account gets ban …
10 days have already passed, support answers - wait, the check is not finished

The question is - how much should a girl spend years on communication with support, so that the account is returned to working condition and the girl could play calmly?

2 years of play in the “24/7/365” mode and now 2 months of some kind of bullying
Ticket # 1009139
Give answer

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Your account was banned in the ban wave and you have an active ticket open yes? Just trying to clarify.

this is not my account, so I asked to respond by ticket … the girl owner is already tired of the dialogues with the support and is already on the verge of deleting the game, and we need she … the ban was received at the time of the completion of the event, the conquest of the world… not in wave

Sorry I’m more confused now. She’s tired of talking to support but hasn’t gotten an answer to her ticket?

10 days answer only one - wait, we recheck
Second months - a problem, waiting, correction … a problem, waiting, correction …
I ask - how many times and years still wait?

What happened with account?
Step by step
It was banned (in ban wave or no?)
I was unbanned?
I wasn’t banned,but was rolled back?
Have you seen her conversation with PG and their replys,or just what she said about it?
Anyways,since you are not the owner,I doubt that anyone will comment anything here
Maybe it’s better to mention at least her in game name or ticket number
Unfortunately PG employees can’t guess who are we talking about without this info)

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If no one has replied to the ticket that’s an issue (and a extreme rarity from my experience). I hope the tag above will have someone look at the ticket. However, like @WingIess said, they won’t share anything with you as you’re not the account to owner.

in both waves everything was fine, the sequence of what is happening in the first post, I do not need an answer, I’m just trying to draw attention to the problem, so the answer was given to the proprietress … sorry, my Google-English

But then it’s pointless,how they supposed to know what we are talking about here…
Why this girl haven’t come here to defend herself and her account?
Better bring her here…at least she can give us some details

do know that there are also others that sent a ban appeal. Since your friend sent one 10 days ago while others have sent theirs on day 1 or 2 of the ban wave, it will take awhile for your friend to get investigated.

It might be unfair that they skip other ban appeal just for your friend.

  1. this incident has nothing to do with waves of bans
  2. all who sent appeals due to ban in the waves answered within 2-3 days, sometimes a little more …
  3. the second week is coming to an end, but there was no answer

1- that isn’t relevant. If there is a list of people who need to be dealt with it is not fair that those who have been waiting longer have to make way. Give them some time or get the person to come on the forum so that PG can talk to them directly.

2: where are you finding these figures?

3: A’s above. Give them time. With everything that’s gone on I suspect they have not been this busy for a while

In all seriousness your sequence of events is vague and unclear. Why was she banned? What caused , if you are aware, the technical issues? What has support said? You mentioned problems with the ticket, what were they? Has there just been one ticket or have there been multiple due to the number of issues.

The fact that so much went wrong in a short space of time is unusual so the more information you can give, the more likely you are to get a solid response to the account holder

  1. Even if it has nothing to do with ban waves, it will still go inside the ban appeal process together with those ban wave people doing their own ban appeal.

  2. Where did you get those data?

  3. Ban appeal takes longer the more people are in the list. The more complicated the ban is, the more it takes time because they don’t want to unban a person that is actually cheating.

I will try to translate the OP. Please tell me if I miss understood.

  • Problem 1 (time of problem unclear): Her leveled dropped by 1, and it took a week of communication with support to fix it.
  • Problem 2 (time of problem about a month before conquer the world event): Her total medal count dropped to 0. After a month of communication with support, her total medals are fixed.
  • Problem 3 (time of problem right after problem 2 is fixed and a few days before the end of the conquer the worl d event): weekly medals is now always at 0, but it wasn’t broken before they fixed her total medals. (I’m not sure if this was ever answered or fixed.)
  • Problem 4 (time of problem: at the end of conquer the world event): the account was banned. 10 days after she enters a ticketing asking why, the support person sends the first reply to this ticket saying that they are still checking into why she was banned. Right now, she is still banned.

All of these problems took place in the last 2 months. The player has been a very active player for the last 2 years.

One of the ticket numbers is: #1009139 (I’m assuming it’s the one about being banned)

The OP doesn’t want the answer posted in this thread. He wants to get PGs attention because the support people have been very unhelpful and frustrating for the banned player for the past 2 months. Pretty much, I think he wants someone who is more helpful to take over the ticket.

My comment to the OP:

I’ll give you an example about why the ban wave is mentioned still.

Ban wave creates 200 (random number) tickets from banned players. By the time your friend is banned, only 80 of those tickets have been closed. This means your friend just entered a line with 120 people in front of her. It’s not fair for her to jump ahead in line. Everyone must wait their turn.

How many banned accounts have tickets still open for review from the ban wave? I don’t know. How long the average review takes (as mentioned some cases may take longer than others)? I don’t know.

Good luck to your friend! I’ve been threw the frustrations of dealing with the support people as well.

since the girl is one of the key players of the team, I indirectly try to attract attention to this problem
I understand. that they will not talk to me about this account
my question in the first post - how many years should players wait?

The game goes on in one breath, interrupting the breath and the patient suffocating …
I will clarify the question - how long should friends keep this breath, so that the pg could solve the problem and the patient did not suffocate?

Until the queue clears and until the investigation is complete. It’s not the answer you want but if it is taking a while then there is a reason. Chances are it’s a reason that your either not privy to or that the account holder hasn’t mentioned.

Feel free to support them as long as you guys feel able but the investigations have to take as long as they need to. With any luck a PG employee will see this and escalate if needed. But just remember if it’s taming a while there will be a reason

Hey, everybody. For a very long time it was not possible to get here, as it is impossible to enter the blocked account. I will write through the translator, I hope will translate normally.
I want to tell you how awful I was treated by the developers.
I have never engaged in cheating or wrap resources. Always was for fair game. And all to this called for.
Write the story first
But due to the crooked nature of the programmers, when I transferred the tree to the island in the Atlas, they threw the account to level 1, erased all rubies, poison, medals, etc. Left only my dragons and items from the smithy. I was with the first level ruby dragons at the moment…soon began to write in support and to read form…it turned out that I am not alone, and many were not so lucky, and in service support wrote, they know about the problem and trying to solve it.
And lo and behold, a week later, they decided it and gave me back everything except rubies, TTN and medals. My questions are, why didn’t you back everything, they replied that at the moment can’t do that, because the program does not allow. And told me to text later.
After some time, I’m writing again, that would have given me at least a medal, as a level 300 I was not at all the medals. Agree, it looks strange. And eventually rewriting almost 2 months, I was able to first return the medals that were up to that moment when my account dropped to level one. This is 45 ml. and after another week of correspondence, I returned another 7 ml of medals that I flew over the two months after the reset account. The screenshots are all there.
And here I am so happy that finally I returned all the medals…and even compensation for three months of correspondence deigned to give in the form of 5 gold chests. Funny of course, but come on. But of course rubies and I lost no I did not return, they just said that I was not…That’s all she wrote.…
I calmed down and thought that I will play quietly.
But no!!!
Exactly a week after the event banish me.
And I suspect, due to the fact that I have returned the medals in some clumsy way and the program thought I was a cheater. And I nor in than not is to blame, I honestly played!
And now it’s been three weeks and every day I write in support that would return my account to me, and I always respond that he is on the test and be patient. FOR THREE WEEK!! SILENCE!!
Today’s letter from the support service attached.
Help to back my account please. You can’t do that to the players like that. And fire your programmers and the Russian support service!

Alexander (wardragons)
February 20., 2:54 PST DP
Hello, Pozitivka!
I truly understand the reason for your disappointment. Unfortunately, in this situation (at the level of support) we can not help you with anything else.
I hope that your complaint will be considered soon.
We will contact you as soon as we receive updated information.
With respect.

@Ydacha015 Please,provide screenshot of original letter from support
This one looks not full

Yes, of course, here is the original of the letter, about how, that they added me 7 ml medal.
and it was then that I banned in a week
and for more than three weeks my problem is not solved. They just ignore me.(