Question to PG about fight pits

Are you going to stop people from exploiting fight pits can you make where just how can stop wars from being declared can you do the same to team joining and kicking during event to stop that exploit can this be done to stop this behavior

can’t read this

Oh yeah there was a (t*;?!) Exploiting fight pits by kicking every player then last 5-10 minutes all join back do megas and then leave

Doesn’t that totally prevent those kicked players getting any event points whatsoever?

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So long as you are joining back on the same team, you can still participate in any of the PvP Event as far as I know.

The only thing that isn’t is if you join another team.

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Just team prizes for event

It’s only a high lvl that’s only on team so nobody. Attacks in Sapphire and above it’s weak but the tier that he on its high for other players

Honestly that surprises me. I could have sworn leaving a team immediately forfeited your contributions. But I could very well be wrong.

Only happens to atlas. When you leave your team, that will be the time that you won’t contribute any points. Even if you just left and joined the same team. The points that you will get upon re-joining again will go towards your personal points only and not get added to the team’s overall points.

Im guessing this is a reference to that P4 team with 1 high level player with 49 alts on the team. He has them attack then kicks them so that he’s the only target on the team. Then he adds them again to attack again and kicks them again

I dont know why people havent warred him into Bronze yet


I said the same thing I messaged Arelyna you could stop it by taking the kick button and join button during event where you’re stuck where your at until event is over

I dont really get why this guy bothers. He’s putting in a lot of effort and wasting a lot of rss for low prizes and just to be a douche to lower level teams. It’s not like there arent people in P4 or even G1 that cant take his base.


Omg that’s so sad

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He’s like a lvl 600 or so from what I heard

I know he wasnt that big because I could take his base. I think he was in the mid-upper 400s. I havent checked recently but I remember he was surrounding teams a few KW ago so that they could only hit their own castles

Damn, 49 alts?

I wouldnt like the dude, but i g2 show some respect for that kinda effort. :flushed:


No respect from me

If your on team and kicked you wont lose nothing just team achivements if joined back also

Sooo let me put it this way message me if does again and ill come temp join yall to follow and whomp him :smiley:


I can’t say any names because it’s a violation of TOS for call outs

Lol not in messages