Question: Why does uninstall reinstall help the game?

I’ve been wondering for a while now why uninstalling this game and then reinstalling it helps fix problems in the game. Also, is there a way to make it so we don’t need to do that? It’s always the first thing the help people tell you to do to fix a problem. It annoying.

When I first started playing this game 2 years ago, I don’t remember them saying it so often. I’ve had tons of glitches over that time. Yet I’ve only uninstalled and reinstalled the game twice, at most. I guess the help people could have just gotten lazier lol, there might be a fixable problem, or we will have to uninstall and reinstall every time we have a problem before even contacting support.

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4 engineers were in a car when it suddenly broke down.

The mechanical engineer said, let’s check the gearbox maybe its broken.

The electrical engineer said let’s check the wiring maybe its damaged.

The civil engineer said let’s check the road maybe it’s got pot holes in it.

The software engineer said why don’t we all get out of the car and get back in again and see if that works?


Btw, I already always do a force restart before contacting support.

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Its annoying as hell ! But I think it’s something to do with clearing the cache and getting rid of all the temp files that actually store the glitch, could be wrong so someone please correct me, :grin:

To be fair, why spend hours checking the gearbox and the wiring when you can get a brand new car from the dealer for free with two minutes work? Software engineers like to fix things, the people who have to pay them don’t like them to.

:thinking: I don’t know why my fictional joke engineers would want to spend hours doing anything but if you want to ponder that go right ahead! I’ll ask them when you’re ready. :+1:

Im not sure what type of phone you have , I got iphone. Before… WD consumed 4GB worth of space on my phone, but they changed the format of the game, now it says WD is consuming couple of hundred MB on my phone, the rest of the gsme will be downloaded during the loading phase.(just explaining bits of how is game designed now). Its kind of difficult to explain technically, but all of online games are series of upload and download, one good example of as to why reinstalling a game could fix the problem is say for example you are accessing atlas … while game is trying to download information from their server … wifi got cut… info downloaded is incomplete… the nextime you access it there might be bits of data that couldve been broken hence makes the whole game crash or parts of it to be faulty. So deleting the game and reinstalling it gets rid of faulty programming/data.

Well. To put it simply, it resets your game to a known state.

If you look at the game as 3 pieces you will see why.

  1. The application itself. This is often not the problem, but it can at times be the wrong version or get screwed up from changes in the game. This gets reset to an exact state on reinstall.
  2. Game update files. Whenever you see it say downloading files 10/100 or whatever it’s basucally sucking down files that contain differences between the application build itself and the current game. This can be anything as minor as chest drops to anything as major as changing towers or dragons. - these are semi prone to being corrupt and can also receive accidental changes and such. A reinstall forces these yonall get downloaded again
  3. Game data/cache. Information about your current progress in the game such as Your level you items your towers your dragons. The whole thing. They are all stored in a temporary cache. This cache is synchronized to the server in a way where the data in the server is validated, and should your cache get corrupted or something unallowed happen, more than likely a fresh copy of what’s on the server (database) will be a working copy.

When you reinstall it deletes everything. On android you can sometimes fix a lot of problems by just clearing your cache. (Of which I think technically contains both 2 and 3)

So it resets as much to a known state as is possible.

It is possible to have issue with the data on your account (needs support to fix) or your account to device association. Neither of which would be resolved by reinstalling.

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Does it apply too with the Softwares Engineers of PG? I wonder?

Hey now…

I’ve been using the “reboot” and the “ID ten T” problem for many years with great success.


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