Question why is feeding a one season time thing

Can’t we have it like at least three times a season who agrees


because we don’t want feeding as an event


I have 6 starving dragons some people would call it animal abuse :speak_no_evil::thinking:


Why not I find it useful

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It’s sometimes twice a season.


just search the topic feeding event and you will find your answers

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Then stop starving them?

Define “useful”.


Basing it on previous seasons, I am personally prepared for Feeding to be the last event of this season :joy:

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Imo feeding is like fort without the timers. This means PG makes very little $$ but the also need something to keep a good cadence and they only have so many other events. It is the one (and only) remaining event where time in the game and sheer effort can yield a good score.

I understand that people don’t really like it…but I also don’t see any hope for new, participation not $ wins events until people stop complaining.


Is “feeding” the same as “training” as far as events go? Or is there a sep event for training? My issue is that I’m saving from feeding my dragons because I want to level them for event so as to earn more rewards, but it takes so long for it to come around. In the mean time my player level is rising but my dragons are being kind of stunted, because they have tons of xp but I’m not spending it in hopes of using it during a training event. I’m beginning to notice that dragons that should be more powerful are struggling to defeat enemy bases because their stats are not increasing along with my account level.


and THIS is the reason why this event should not be ran, people holding out dragons to feed and messes up progression. you want to grown your dragon, this is war dragon, not feed your dragon, there are other games for that.


I never understood that complaint, tbh. You can prepare for it without stunting your growth. Lineage dragons are a good sacrifice to it.


May I point you to this thread:

In the responses it is clear that most of the players feelings for feeding range from dislike to detest


I’m not sure I get your logic @WeTakeAmex. We save timers up between events so that our team gets benefits during the actual event. We save egg tokens for breeding events. We save up gems for chests at the end of seasons. Why would you not save xp to use in the same way?


Because the event happens once every 2-3 months instead of once. That and there is nothing special about it, it is something you should be doing all the time instead of waiting for an event.

The feeding event is the event where you spend food to level your dragons (in essence, “training” them). this is not to be confused with the Training event(s) that happens in Atlas.

As a general rule of thumb, you should not “starve” your useful dragons. You should always have 2 or 3 dragons that you level as they gain XP. This will keep you from not being able to have dragons that are level appropriate, but still level your base during fortification events.

I’m not sure where you are in breeding (Red, Blue, Purple, Orange, Green, etc.), but there is rarely any reason to level all of the dragons beyond their respective breeding level (except for the Temple Raid event, and if you have OCD tendencies).

Generally speaking - don’t starve your important dragons.

Oh, dear… This is such a stupid question: because it’s almost pointless.

Starving dragons? Really? Oh, dear. This is what I do:

  • Divine and other roster dragons I like: always fed to the cap.
  • Breeders: only to breedable level, after that they can be left starving, and trained 3x a day to accumulate more XP for the feeding event.

You say you have 6 dragons starving? I have 21. And who cares?


Im calling PETA


because people are starving their dragons to wait for the event, the dragons are not at par as their level, imagine you are level 200 but you can only hit 100 because your dragons are not leveled. there are people that are smart and only use breeders to feed, but majority especially new players who don’t know better will starve their dragons and hence slow down progression. Saving timers and egg tokens does not slow down your progression as feeding would.

I kinda of get this, but also I don’t. Of course it teaches players to hoard things, because the game offers major benefits if you do, via events. And it rewards you for helping your team. It seems strange to me to have the game set up this way, and then to have players ‘criticized’ (for lack of a better word) for using the setup to make gains, I guess. In my mind, if we are supposed to “just go along” at a normal pace, why have breeding events? Or building events? Why not just do major battle events?

I get the company makes money during events on timers and packs and stuff. But the logic of this just seems odd to me XD I guess I just haven’t played long enough to personally experience the down side of more feeding events