Questions about base

  1. Are lightning towers good, or should I ditch them?
  2. Is my base alright? How might I add to it so it is better, or should I just store some towers and follow a guide from now on?

Personally, I would ditch them. They do good damage when grouped together and have an outstanding supershot range, not to mention how difficult they are to dodge, but focusing on leveling 5 towers to max for your level is the key.

Follow these:

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lightning do a good amount of damage on leos, instantly kill aibrean with 5 tower with supper shot (unavoidable) but level all of them for that purpose is a waste

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Per il momento continua a migliorare solo “Storm Dark Blue and Red towers”.
4 torri si.
Quando avrai abbastanza frammenti, comincia a costruire 1 Fire Flak e portala al livello della Dark Flak. Poi posizionala al posto della Ice Turret.
Fatto ciò, dovresti avere questo scenario

Ripeto, per il momento potenzia solo 4 torri (storm Dark blue red).
Non potenziare altre torri all’infuori delle suddette.
Crescerai un pochino più lentamente ma la tua base sara piu forte.

Anche una cosa del genere potrebbe andare bene

Post Scriptum :
Niente Perch, per il momento.
Eventualmente tu potresti costruire la Ice Flak invece che la Fire Flak.
Speriamo che google traslate traduca bene. Purtroppo traduce male le frasi lunghe :confused:
e la sintassi/grammatica in generale.
La cosidetta “Rage Drain Island”, sono 5 torri livello 1 ( oppure quelle che già hai)

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This vid is all about kill islands and stuf like that :laughing:

For all us silly monolingual slackers.

For the time being, only “Storm Dark Blue and Red towers” continues to improve.
4 towers yes.
When you have enough fragments, start building 1 Fire Flak and bring it to the level of the Dark Flak. Then place it in place of the Ice Turret.
Once this is done, you should have this scenario

I repeat, for the moment it only empowers 4 towers (storm Dark blue red).
Do not upgrade other towers outside the aforementioned.
You will grow a little bit slower but your base will be stronger.

Even something like that could be fine

Post Scriptum :
Nothing for the moment.
Eventually you could build the Ice Flak instead of the Fire Flak.
We hope that google translate translates well. Unfortunately it translates badly the long sentences: confused:
and the syntax / grammar in general.
The so-called “Rage Drain Island”, are 5 towers level 1 (or those that you already have)

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No ( or none) Perch for the moment :slight_smile:

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this advice is somewhat out dated now that all the perches and gear have changed/are changing… A perch is somewhat needed now so the idea of a rage drain is less favorable than it was IMO…

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