Questions for teammate about getting a mythic


I’m asking for a teammate, thank you for your answers in advance:

So he’s currently level 114 and have saved a little bit more than 50 gold chests, 800 bronze chests and 133k rubies. We’re a platinum team and generally can get the 300 sigils in team prizes and depending on the event (KW Cough) we get the in the middle of the team ranking wich makes about 250 sigils generally.
He want to know if can aim for a mythic or it’s even useless of thinking about it.

I would have answered him no but i’m hesitating so i wanted people that know better if he could do it.
PS: He don’t spend anything and not planning to


Since he doesnt have much in the way of gold chests it would be tough. I would consider spending some of those rubies if we have pvp next week to get pvp rss for the season and to get the discount while he’s half off. That would save 15k sigils and give 100 additional gold chests


To be frank, I believe he has no chance of getting the mythic with these conditions.

Somebody please prove me wrong. :slight_smile:


As someone who’s done it twice, I respectfully disagree. He would just need to push hard and use his rss wisely and shoot for the 450 sigil prize each time


Thank you, that’s reassuring. :hugs:


I really don’t think its that bad, I was in worse situation than him in Path season, still got him, and I don’t buy packs :man_shrugging:, only difference is that I’m in sap league, so event prizes are better. He will need to grind a hell lot more. I


You have 50 gold chests, 50 / 10 * 200 = 1000 potential sigils 800 bronze chests equate to about 800 sigils, 133k rubies 133k/ 5k * 1.1k = 29260 potential sigils at the end of the season

Remember: if you do not finish the discount dragon within the first two weeks you will be looking at anywhere around 77k-88k sigils requirement, So if you think your friend thinks he is active enough to finish 45- 55k sigils in one season he can try.


:eyes: does ur team hit the 1200 sigil mark


Nice to see that calculations are used :smile:

I just want to add that till the end of season, if the player is active enough, (s) he could earn 100-130k rubies more, which is about 24-32k sigils more. So it is enough to earn around 30k “usual” sigils in a season, which is not that hard in platinum. So, there is a good chance to get a mythic - just keep rubies and be active.


“asking for a friend” uh huh. :sweat_smile:


0-0 didn’t realize you could earn that much rubies in a season.

I assume that’s if you get to the 450 prize every event?


Yes. Usually 10k rubies each event. Moderate activity can easily give about 80k per season.


Around his level it’s about 4-5k rubies each event . Trust me I know :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It all depends on player activity, resource planning and team support. I’m getting this prize since level 70 or so, even when there was no Atlas. You just need to gather some resources at first - rubies, chests, ember, timers, etc - 1 season is more than enough. Then you will get more prizes, which means more resources, which in turn will allow you to get more prizes, and so on.


depending on activity it is doable…
i finished pathox with less starting out at an even lower level.

Although I would say that is well beyond normal time invested each week…and I would never do that level of activity for an entire season again.

I’m not even kidding… 3/4 finger tips per hand hurt… I learned you can play with the backs of you fingernails…


Thanks you all for your answers :grin:
@moderators i got answers this thread can be closed :blush:


*500 sigil prize whenever possible. Especially if their team isn’t often at the top of their bracket and doesn’t regularly, if ever, get the 1.2k sigil prize.

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