Questions to help Quantify average

WD friends! Help a brother out.

I don’t think generalizing based on my experience is fair or accurate. Maybe I’m perfectly average, but I could be better or worse than average. So, help me out as I try to gather information for giving feedback on Temple Raid.

Please answer as honestly and accurately as possible. It is likely PG has this information anyway, but the don’t have much reason to share it. If my data is not accurate, the I can’t really make a sound case for changes.

Just a few questions.

  1. What point value base can you consistently solo in the this event?
  • 125
  • 115 to 124
  • 105 to 114
  • 95 to 104
  • Less than 94

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  1. How many energy packs did you start with?
  • More than 500
  • More than 250
  • More than 100
  • More than 50
  • More than 25
  • More than 10
  • I had fewer than 10 energy packs to start this event

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  1. How much Inner Fire did you start with?
  • 300+
  • 200-300
  • 100-200
  • 50-100
  • 25-50
  • Fewer than 25

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I hit post when I thought I was adding a question…

  1. What league are you in?
  • Diamond
  • Sapphire
  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze

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  1. How many temples have you completed so far?
  • None
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • Shrine
  • Were doing bonus temples just because we can

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  1. How many players on your team have participated and scored at least what is average on your team? (Use the “average” that wouldn’t make it so half the team is below average no matter what.)
  • 45+
  • 40 or fewer
  • 35 or fewer
  • 30 or fewer
  • 25 or fewer
  • 20 or fewer

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  1. How many gold chests have you opened this event?
  • More than 100
  • 60-100
  • 30-60
  • 10-30
  • Fewer than 10
  • None

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Did I leave out a question? Please include it in a comment. I can add more.


I probably shouldn’t have participated :see_no_evil:

Eh… I haven’t answered yet, but I will. Even if you’re skewing the data, as long as you’re accurate, then your answers are still part of what I need to consider.

Hopefully enough people will participate and my replies won’t have too much weight :sweat_smile:

Any preference as to whether we answer some of the questions at the end of the event vs right now? For example, “average” participation will go up over the weekend.

…as a side note, question 6 has a slightly awkward gap for those teams with between 45 and 40 players.

On the average point level question, do we answer with what we personally do or what we think people’s averages are? Are we factoring in the elemental 1.25 bonus in?

You can just look at the teammate contributions for that one.

Ah. Hmm. I didn’t think about less than full teams.

I guess answer as best you can? I can’t change the questions since people have answered them.

As for when you answer, any time is fine. If your answers will change a great deal, maybe better to wait. I won’t start working on it until the event ends.

I hit 115 points on just about every attack but I am having to hit 40+ plus levels above my own to do that. Just found a new easier target that is 49 levels above mine and gives me 116 points. Oh happy day

Ah, no worries. It’s a small gap, and it should only affect a handful of teams. I can get pretty close.

I’m asking that question mainly to show that 125 is not (or is) a realistic base number to assume.

And I asked about solo because I don’t think it’s fair to assume every run has backup. Certainly, the event should not be balanced with backup for every run assumed.


Any 125 in my league is a level 500+ and at 283,that is just not hapoening


When you asked about temples I was assuming total count regardless of islands conquered. So to clarify if needed. 2 temples on 1 island

Hm. Context may be key for that question, then.

There are a few teams in my group of 25 where I can consistently solo the 125 point targets…but also plenty where I can’t, because the top players on a given team may be about 130, or about 400.

Edit: Changed my response to be appropriate for the average team, rather than for preferred targets.

Temples is completing an island. As in, you have attacked the Guardians and clouds have been removed from the central island.

Don’t base it in what you can theoretically do. Base it on what you have actually done this event.

Ok, I went back and changed my response to that question to none.

Please share this with you’re teams/alliances/etc.

The more people who answer, the more accurate I can be in justifying my arguments.

No, this one: