Quests are too hard and the prices are not worth it

The quest prices aren’t worth the effort nor the amount of resources wasted on each quest. I speak for many when I say that most of us will not be doing them anymore unless the prices get better or the quests get way easier!


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Wow, your team sure boycotted the whole thing :laughing:


Yeah, that suck :sob:
I’m really not clear the quest

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Yea, like the exact same

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sending 5k lumber for 2 healing potion is a really good deal

Our whole team spent lots of time going for team quests. In vain. The rewards aren’t worth it. Sorry pg, we’re not gonna do it again.


Yups, but in another posting is already solve

The final prize didn’t even have any sigils. What a waste of time.

Theres gotta be a better way to get a team working together

100% Obliterate 45 bases over 215. For 45 sigils? Each base takes about 3 minutes. Over two hours work for 45 sigils? And a chest drop often yields 125! This is not sportmanlike, you guys.

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It can only be done during PVP when you are grinder. But if you are a megacoin worshipper, its a hard work.
Let me clear, I am with you on this. Attacking a base 45 Times for 100% with a reward of 45 sigils is hugely disappointing. Not worth the time and effort. Usually, I ignore such quest.

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At least Evas is back to just farms, mills, and a totem now. There was a brief window at the start of the event where she had a dark flak and red mage up. Lord Ember handled the dark flak like a champ, but was sadly struck down by a powerful blast of red mage destruction.

minetron9582, googlecat85882, msmersy are all good ones to use if youre a lower level and leveled up and have accidentally leveled up ember. even so, running these bases 45 times is exhausting. they should either raise the rewards or lower the bases we need to defeat to 10-20.

The prizes have never been worth it.

It appears that PG believes grinders are mindless wonks.

Too bad you need 40 on the same team to complete all three quests for all the days to get the final prize.