Quests - eliminate the BS

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get rid of quests? they’re an easy hundred sigils now and I would like to keep that…


See the post

If you can afford to use megas, you don’t need the quest prizes. :rofl:


Lol, fact. :joy:

Well crap man. Its a nice day. Frisco is having their Oktoberfest and megas don’t count for quests?
Life suuuuuuuuuuuks. :slight_smile:

Do you need a tentacle hug?
Charlie is handing them out for free.


Just cause one has an excess of disposable income, doesn’t mean they should be willing to be ripped off. :roll_eyes:

  1. Have you submitted a ticket?
  2. Have you make sure to open quest page before doing mega, and reloading event page several times after?
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This :point_up:

I found most of the time my quests arent completed is because I didn’t open the quest menu prior… idk why exactly but it’s like it doesnt register until you look at it :eyes:

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Megas don’t work and it’s dumb; do a super or some singles meanwhile. But they should totally fix it.


:thinking: Maybe… As theoretically, mega uses coin, not energy…

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Yeah, they don’t work. Because you spend the energy to buy the coin, not to fly. Apparently that’s the only thing that counts for that quest.

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100% this. You need to open the quest tab first before doing them so they could count :man_shrugging:t2:

That’s what support told me. But the quest states “USE 12 energy in weekly event”. Doesn’t say how to use it. You USE 100 energy to buy a mega coin, right? They need to fix the wording.


Happened to me with raiding. Spend 12 in weekly, easy. Did a few runs, raided some. Didn’t count. Was confused but spent the few energy packs for 16 and ran 4 ragular runs to be safe… problem solved lol
Hopefully you have a few packs left?

Why is that flagged ? It’s a valid point … it says use 12 energy but doesn’t count the use of 100 energy. This has to be a mistake.

These quests are boring … why do we even have them ? but they are an improvement of what they used to be like (my opinion)