Quick easy atlas question - Troop training points

How many points is each new troop and each revive worth again? My memory says 4.9 each and 7.6 each respectively, but not positive.

Anyone have a screen shot of the rules?


Those numbers sound right. I remember 7.6 as correct for training new troops yesterday, but haven’t recently checked the revive numbers. It’s in the ballpark of your number if it’s not exactly right.

It’s 7.6 points per new troop built and 4.1 points per troop revived.

I had to do some calculations on point values and so I went back and looked at the history on my calculator app to find which numbers were correct. (At least I’m fairly certain those are the correct numbers… Now I’m second guessing myself :see_no_evil:)


7.6 and 4.1 are exactly right.


It says it right there in the atlas troop training event screen :man_shrugging:t3:

And where do we find that screen in the game at the moment?

I mean it’s not like the OP was asking if anyone had a screen shot of that very screen…

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