"Quick Hits" Things PG could do tomorrow to restore some player confidence!

Some ideas that PG could impliment very quickly and easily to get the players back into a better mood.
These are in no particular order.

Announce that they will cut down on server throttling to improve the player experience, and reduce “Failed to load” “Timed out”, and sync errors. Boost available cycles during event launches to reduce server lag, during the start of Fort, Breeding, etc.

Expand on their response to Android having so many errors/crashes/etc. Be more specific on what will be fixed and when.

Announce that Zep missions will be timers and tokens OR announce they will cut the ruby cost to complete mission cool downs. Announce there will be only ONE boost, token and timers in season branch.

Apply tier discounts to the first perch, Seagazer before the next Fort.
Apply tier discounts to storage hut, in particular for anyone under level 400.
Apply tier discounts to Empyrean and better discounts to Vanguard right away.

Add better TEAM prizes to every event right away.
Stop offering really bad runes such as poison, etc. in prizes.

Tune up Assault and bring it back more often.

Offer REAL deals in the Daily Offer and make many of them less than the $99 cap.
Fix Bounty Harbor rewards ASAP.

Add timers to war win rewards!

Allow more than 3 rider missions at a time and cut mission time down to 10 or 11 hours instead of 12.

Reduce the cook time required for timers in the forge.

Just a few ideas. Post your here. PLEASE keep it reasonable folks. Posting crazy off the wall stuff isn’t going to help at all. Thanks.


Update us on the player loyalty program talked about in the YOTP release 9 months ago.


I think @Merlin was right.

Smoke screen was the right call.

There never was an intention from PG management to implement any long term player loyalty or reward system.

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Yah, lost the warm and fuzzies for YOTP a long time ago. However, I expect things to get delivered eventually…


I have been asking for this in every survey I enter:

Just like in the main game, a player that assists/follows an Atlas run, should get resources (gold; shards).


Once they actually say which year will be YOTP because this one is 9m old and all we got was
Coming soon to a cinema near you…


Agreed, but in line with this, glory should be scaled based on the highest-level attacker.

If a level 60 can 5-flame my base, they deserve a lot of glory; if that level 60 swaps and an abyssal mythic tears through my base, neither of them should get glory.

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I’m not sure those are actually things they can do. Several considerations here:

  1. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). You rent virtual servers at a specified rate, which includes storage and network. You pay for the full network capabilities of that package, so it wouldn’t make sense to throttle it. There’s bandwidth limits in place on the provider’s end to ensure you’re not going to DOS their entire data center. There is balancing, but that’s not throttling, and is more likely to improve performance than hinder it.

  2. You can’t really ‘boost’ anything; these providers include SLAs with performance targets, and that’s what you get. If you want more, you move up to a more robust package.

  3. The most likely cause of performance hits are multiple tools/services running simultaneously and eating up bandwidth and CPU cycles. Maybe the code can be optimized, but probably only to a point. This game has a lot of moving parts, and a lot of them are happening live and changing states dynamically. It isn’t really the servers or the bandwidth so much as the number of things happening in tandem.

  4. The IaaS platform(s) could probably be migrated to more robust platforms, but that would not only cost more money… It would also take time to migrate, during which PG would basically have to shut down the entire stack because so many of their tools are interdependent.

I could be wrong, but knowing this is a common frustration I thought I’d throw in my $0.02 about the reality of managing the backend.

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My experience over the past hour.

Countless “Failed to load Atlas” errors. I just stopped keeping count after 20 or so.

Then this one.


Check to make sure I have Internet, make sure I have good WiFi signal.
Restart the app, (wait forever for Android to load) n

Finally open Atlas. Get this error message many times.

Give up and go back to my Base and get this… The black screen.

If I was a new player, you know what I would say after the past hour?
Freak THIS! and log out. Tell folks not to bother. It doesn’t work.

Oh and I’m just WAITING for someone to tell me my Internet sucks, its my WiFi. My router needs to be reset. All of the usual BS. Guess what? I design, sell, and support massive wirless networks across all of North America for a living. I might know somethining about building them, testing them, trouble shooting issues, etc. Maybe…


So? Did you reset your router or not? :thinking:


Thank you sir. Off to try that right now. :slight_smile:

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On a related note I’ve been getting that “you must have access to the Internet to play” error quite a bit lately even when I have full bars on my connection. And the other errors are pretty much a normal part of the game to me by now. :roll_eyes:


Same here. They have really ramped up. Enough to the point where I start looking at the rest of my network, checking Internet latency, and even using my VPN to force my traffic to be re routed closer to the google IPs with no avail. The quality of the experience is not conducive to attracting and retaining players.


Since the error messages really don’t describe the actual problem, why doesn’t PG update them to something humorous so at least we could get a chuckle. Maybe something like “connection failed, sorry but the hamster that powers our server is on a break”


Sorry. Someone Nipped our Admins. Back soon.


Maybe since this has ultimately been the year of PG we can get a real year of the player next year.

You should behave on the forum. Seams like they are cutting you off to get rid of you :joy:


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