Quick question about runes&glyphs setup for dragons

Greetings everyone!

My first post here, so I apologize if this is mot the right section, even though my question should be related, and maybe usefull for others.

I’m new to the game (lv 61 right now) and I’m still unsure about how runes bonus interact with dragons spells, I’ll give you a quick example:

My new Coatl have 2 damaging spells: Thunderbold, and Mystic Barrage.

Reading the official blog the first does damage equal to 20% of the dragon base HP while the latter give an extra 100% on Coatl basic attacks.

My question is very simple: by improving Coatl’s stats (attack/hp) with runes, glyph, riders etc those stats will scale into the spell damage or spells scale only off the base value?

I hope I made my point clear, thanks for your time.

Sorry. Wrong read.
I mean base value

Note that not even research boost (HP/AP) will boost the spell damage.

Spell damage scales off the base hp, so boosts like the 30% attack boosts or the Mystic Barrage boost won’t change the damage of Thunderbolt.

As far as Runes and Glyphs for Coatl you would want to use what come with him, especially the Mythic and legendary ones. Probably all three. After that I expect it would only be rage one would add since none of the runes and glyphs we get in chests and such will match probably not match her spells.

Basically the name on the rune needs to match the spell directly, not kinda sorta. A

One of the relatively recent seasonals (Leos, maybe) came with a Rune of Pride; this increases the dragon’s HP by a percentage. Adding this rune to Coatl would raise his base HP, which would increase the damage of his Thunderbolt.

But beyond that, I’m not really aware of anything else that would.

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