Qustion answer abot

i have no idea why so creepy, so this is the answer
sorry i couldt answr that time may or maynt no, and know i havr no idea to quote, so @wolfwitchluna you asked me abot a work that you felt i can say creepy
that thing came from an actual artform calld " mudiate"
its the same happening in south of india, just in a year for every, when they come real
those forms come to play on temples related to hindu culture with god,
nd bhagavathi(thats what it forming, i paste a link for you to know)
as come as with

from what i cant explain nd u cant understnd,
feel free to ask questions

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and sorry for da mistake about my first thread🤡

What in the?


its an answer to someone i couldnt answer previously, its still english, can you tell me how i quote someone name on my chat?

Like this?

You highlight the text of someone you want to quote and press the ‘quote’ button


na, dat, if you wanna know answer, thats a question nd answer

If this was intended to be a direct reply to Luna (which is exactly what this seems to be), you could have just sent her a private email on the forums.

How to Do It

Press the email button located in the third spot of the notification panel in the top right corner.

Then, press the button labeled “New Message”. It will then take you to the email creation area where you will compose your email’s message and send it to whomever you wish to send it to; in this case, Luna.

Then send it and you’re done.


its good to know from i dont know but still dont know much but am happy with what i have known

I’m confused.

Maybe you mean to tag someone like this @xxbmblb
To do this you need to type @ and the name of the user you want to tag.

Nvm I see you edited your first post and tagged…


@Jalen,told me just bfore had a whole a thread abot dar, you know life hapening nd plenty things sleevs not shaved not like this but
yes i do now
and thank you,

Yes wrong way to privately address me :rofl::rofl::rofl:


sory for that, my illiteracy hope to you known from,

@WolfWitchLuna, hope you satisfied with my answer,

@moderators can close this please