R.I.P. FreeExp280


No. No. No. No. No.

First off: A massive thank you to whoever owned this base; it was the best XP base in the game with level 1 ember on backup duty.

We are slowly losing all our XP bases, probably because the owners don’t think they are needed anymore because anyone in Atlas has the invader bases. But what about the rest of us?

I’ve seen lots of people ask PG to consider xp/invader bases for the rest of us, but never seen a response. Not sure they realise that if there aren’t any xp base it is just another nail in the coffin for gold league and below - which eventually will mean no new players for the rest of the game.


Rest In Peace my friend. May your stars always shine brightly and the light of your wisdom brighten a new path for those of us that you helped in our times of need. We will never forget you. From all of us here at war dragons,we give you our love and sadly bid you farewell.
Love always,


pg probably dont like this base because it has saved players a huge amount of healing potion


or that the user has been offline and it went “inactive” like teams that has members that you can’t attack due to being inactive for weeks.


Yes i think because of inactivity. But very sad. Super useful base :disappointed:


Yep got the message last night. I was able to send an in-game mail to the user successfully. But when I used that to try and attack, it didn’t work.

RIP FreeXP280 and thanks for all the XP


How unfortunate :pensive:


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