R i p kobe bryant

Sad to say we lost a legend today this morning
kobe Bryant former Lakers 5 time finals champion lost his life today due to a helicopter crash leave behind 4 daughters

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Sad to say one of his daughters was on that helicopter, RIP KOBE😢.


I know wife told me the whole story I thought she was playing until I seen the story I started to get mad like why? Always bad things happening to good people like why, God why you take him and the others?

It depends on how you view death …

Revelation 21:4
He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.”

Death is sorrowful for the loved ones left behind. But for the person who has gone, it is going home …


Yes that’s true I can’t agree more


:astonished: :flushed: :rage: :sob:

Aww good old folk lore.


Why only kobe there was alot more on the helicopter other then kobe so because hes famous basketball player hes the only one that people concerned about

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Interesting how someone can be offended by another’s sincere grief. :face_with_monocle:


I didn’t know his daughter was with him on the helicopter I just thought it was him and others but one of his daughters im upset she didn’t get live her life

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Why do you not mourn all the people whom you did now know and whom you did not realise were dead?

Did u know kobe personally why do him because hes a basketball player? There was like 8 that died with kobe sooo they are not worth no one’s sympathy? Because they wasn’t on tv?

Not offended no one knew him here and he paid off a chick to not take to court but thats okay because he was on tv and others wasnt in that plane right? everyone should have sympathy for everyone on that copper period

so rip to EVERYONE 6 adults and 3 kids a few familys lost yet only kobe is mentioned :flushed:

People feel sad for the person who died who they are aware of. They were unaware of the other people, but that doesn’t mean they’re disrespecting them in any way.

It’s the same when people sympathise more about the local kid who died (who they didn’t know personally) more than the kid who died in another country (who they also didn’t know)

There’s always some smarta$$ who tries to shame people for the grief they show asking why they’re not also grieving for the other.

Don’t be that person


Be that person? U mean because 8 other folks familys 2 husbands lost wifes, 2 wifes losts husbands possibly more yet where is the spot light? O kobe yet he paid off his rape charge but thats okay because he was a famous basketball player right? Yet the news mentioned everyone why not say rip everyone in the copper? Kobe wasn’t better then them

I didn’t say any of that. Read my post.

So u knew kobe? Ur grieving right?

I’m not. But I’m not being a d1ck to the people who are

Nor am i and no one here knows kobe i bet yet title states one person sooo why? Thats my question