R.I.P. PGKissmyAss

It seems like one of the best chest bases is no more :cry:

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Just found this out too. Wth happened?

Is her alt still active?

Looks like they got banned. Account sharing maybe?

:scream::scream::scream: Just this morning (less than 2 hours ago) I used the base…


Still remember when I was lvl 30s and just found out the joy of farming chest bases… was farming all night on this guy. Now he’s gone… thanks buddy :cry:

It’s a dark night in War Dragons…but not literally, since they lightened up the theme.

But, I’m very very sad.

I have no idea. But Sam pointed out to me that PGKissmyASS is actually a guy :laughing:

Perhaps going inactive…
Is it because we didn’t sacrifice enough dragons?

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My ember failed to beat that base numerous times earlier today :laughing:

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I dunno what happened either. :sob::sob::sob:

They’ll have to submit a ticket for information on their account.

I don’t think he know yet Jared. I’ll miss him so much. :sob::sob::sob:

Noooo! :sob:

So who’s over level 250 and brave enough to step into the shoes of the dearly departed? Anybody?

I’m not ready to let go yet. :sob:

Probably because of the new TOS

I had a meltdown earlier when I saw it. Using another base but it doesn’t give up the goods as much. :sob::sob::sob::sob:

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I hope this isn’t PG’s way of trying to make team quest harder… truthfully makes them less relevant with more work and shitty prizes


Freexp280, level 299 still available.