R.I.P. PGKissmyAss


True, but I think most people used PGKissmyass as a chest base, and that’s what most people are currently sad about. There’s a distinct lack of decent chest bases above level 100.


Yeah, it’s pretty much the lack of a good chest base for the higher level players. Makes attempting to grind for chests a much more heal potion expensive proposition…


So sad :sob:


That was my favorite chest base, that sucks royalty.


Use Xonn.
I miss PG because it was xp+chest base.
For chests, since he changed, Xonn is my best friend.


I don’t normally post videos of myself, but:


Well, you know, except for that perched dragon that instakills you :grin:


You can shoot it before it fires. The spring theme makes it hard to see, but you can shoot the base of the perch before the top comes into view and kills you.


I just keep hitting the grassy knoll beneath the perch. It fires well before the top is fully in view, too. I’ve spent about 30 heal potions trying to get past it once and so far no luck.


I didn’t have much luck with it either.


That account wasn’t inactive lol was in my group chat with many of others just 2 days ago


Yeah level 1 reset = banned


He is by far my favorite player in the game, had been using his base for months, it would give me max xp in addition to chests. This is very sad news.
I will miss talking with him when we met in LC :sob:

Hope he finds a way to get the ban relieved :confused:


Was the ban possibly for “impersonating a PG employee” due to his name?


Mech making a joke? :thinking:




What new TOS?


Probably the no account sharing otherwise you get pan hammered.


or having a PG as the first 2 letters. He might not have any intention of impersonating, but the possibility is still there. If the name was KissmyAssPG, he might not be banned like SavageAFforPG.


That’s not new, that’s been around for a while now :confused:

The name PGKissMyAss was obviously not an employee but simply someone who disagrees/dislikes PG. it’s not like he was going around actually impersonating a staff member. If this was an issue, PG should not allow players to create the name in the first place. Not ban a player who simply did what the naming conventions allowed