R.I.P. PGKissmyAss


I don’t see why that would result in your base being rolled back to lvl 1 though…

Edit: If that was really what they were wanting to avoid, they’d set up a system that refuses to allow any player name to be created if the first two letters were PG.


Perhaps something happened that looked like account sharing, thus the pan? :woman_shrugging: Only way we’ll know for sure is if PGKissmyASS decides to let us know what happened.


as far as I remember, ban account shows up as level 1 with no buildings. We can view the base right now because it’s a recent ban and the inactive status is not kicking yet.


I feel like a puppy being kicked while it’s down…:sob: First Fox, then SaLang, now Kiss…


Yeah :frowning_face:


Salang isn’t banned lol he turned quest


I wish he’d turn it back to an xp base between events… though that’s barely any time at all :woman_shrugging:


This is actually one thing I’ve never understood?

I’ve never used chest bases because why? Does it really help your odds on obtaining chests?

I know it’s all % so wouldn’t any base around that level as long as they used every island so you could hit every monument, wouldn’t it have basically the same odds?

Runes in monuments do not have any kind of effect of chests right?
Idk Unless there is always to increase your odds I don’t see how chests bases have any real importance!


PGkiss could be cleared with ember, so you could run it back to back without potions. It was also very nice for do 5m damage with ember style egg missions, when running those on an ember only roster.


It’s very annoying losing all these Xp bases & chest bases! Seems like it’s all happend within a month?!?
If this has anything to do with account sharing, who cares? That’s not cheating!
That’s not hurting anyone and it’s definitely not helping the person! It’s a generous person who obviously no longer used the base!

A lot of situations like these you probably have to have account sharing because they are not active anymore so it’s several people helping out lots of others! Idk could be wrong but it’s very petty to go after a chest base or Xp base if that is the cams!
Especially since they refuse to add an Xp team and they can’t figure out how to add more then 4-5 leagues into Atlas!

@PGJared Maybe tell the guys handling Atlas that this 13 year roll out plan for Atlas is getting a bit ridiculous eh? I know having access would definitely help! We wouldn’t be so dependent on these bases!
Seems like a new one disappears every week!


You can use a drag with death gaze and not have to waste heal potions


Yeah…I’m :cry:


It still there


But it’s empty and at lvl 1…not really the same thing.


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