Radiant tier mythics

Is it me or do these changes from legendary to mythic suck, like the change on Ammak is more of a nerf since his “bloodfury” spell costs rage now and doesn’t give more rage, the rest of the “buffs” are cooldowns that don’t really affect the dragons so these changes are not good


Most players will find out how they fly after spending the 400k egg tokens.

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I feel like sola didn’t really need that much of a change bc he’s already really powerful to those who can fly him.
I‘m just… idk a bit disappointed with the system itself. I feel like they make less dragons but put also less work into it. I don’t mind ascending them from legendary to mythic and having less dragons per tier but changing CD times on a spell… yeah, shocking turn of events.


It’s definitely not just you, these are the most pathetic mythic changes we’ve ever had (except for the hunter). I would have rather if they’d changed nothing about the warrior, at least then he wouldnt be worse than he was at legendary. None of the issues with these dragons were addressed, this was just lazy.

Frankly it’s disgusting how little they seem to care about their own game anymore. It’s just one thing after another after another, I’ve never seen a company so determined to ruin their own product


I believe they want to make the dragons worse at the end of the season to animate us to go for a new dragon in the next season in the hope that we will get a new more powerful one which will gets nerfed at the end :laughing:
Times are over, as it seems, that you are able fly well with a lineage or seasonal mythic for more than a season by now.


The warrior was ok for a lineage dragon as he is now. He has not much chance to win against a defended base, why so nerfing him?


These changes are shocking, I wouldn’t consider any of them to be mythic with the new spell kit. More like decent legendaries.

Lineage dragons are once again becoming dragons you breed just to level up your seasonal dragons. Sure Sol is decent in the right hands but not mythic worthy.


They certainly outdid themselves. We all thought this dumpster fire of a season was as bad as it could get but they really took that as a challenge to surpass. They put what, maybe 10 minutes of thought into these “mythics”. 423k tokens and then probably 9 monarch eggs to evolve for these terrible things. What an absolute joke. I didnt think they were going to make significant changes but even this surprised me. This is nothing. Whomever came up with these “changes” should be ashamed.

I dont know what their staff are spending their time on now but it certainly isnt War Dragons. Maybe they have some other project/game in the works that everyone is focusing on but this game has obviously become an afterthought to them. Im not saying people should be fired but if THIS was the level of quality I turned in on a project I’d supposedly been spending months working on I’d probably be finding myself unemployed. Again, not saying fire someone, Im saying this is literally months spent doing nothing and most businesses wouldnt accept work like this.


I agree. They’ve completely gone back on what they said the purpose of these 4 dragon tiers were supposed to be. We are now once again at the expensive filler stage where lineage dragons are only designed to be bred and benched. They cut out work and cost for themselves and gave us absolutely nothing in return.


I gathered my sigils this season to get the best branch, what’s cool ??

My thoughts on the radiant mythic changes:


  • The shift in rage cost/gain is a straight up nerf (same thing as they did to Barbend in an actual nerf)
  • bit more healing and 1s more time to heal is nice but not a game changer. They basically could‘ve done the same thing by increasing breath damage, allowing to kill more towers during the healing spell’s uptime, ultimately regenerating more health, whilst also making the dragon kill stuff a bit faster in general


  • absoluetly uselss change. Has literally no effect on the dragon whatsoever. There are only 2 cases when your shield goes down:
  1. you break it intentionally to refresh the shield hp for the next island. This is done between islands and you would time it so it‘s ready by the time you get to the next island. 8s or 6s cooldown won‘t matter as 8s was enough time already
  2. the shield breaks in the middle of a long island because you weren‘t fast enough to kill all towers before entering their damage range, made a mistake or whatever. You messed up and like 90% of the times you’re going to die anyways. Once the shield breaks you only do a pityful amount of damage and also die very quickly. Decreasing the cooldown by 2 seconds won‘t bring back the shield fast enough to save you


  • 50% damage increase won‘t do much but better than nothing I guess. Sorcerer breath attack is a joke anyways
  • 2s cooldown reduction is again nice to have but might as well could‘ve removed the cooldown entirely
  • Why the hell no heal for poor Novarrion? :upside_down_face:
    Just give the death gaze like 15/20% heal on cast already


  • Decreasing the cooldown for the cycling spell on both the red and blue spell allows to use them more frequently, requiring more rage in the process
  • this is compensated by 100% increased rage regeneration during cloak.
    However, these changes probably won‘t make Ren much better. It increases survivability but Ren also struggles a lot with killing stuff (outside of it‘s invoke spell) in any reasonable time. The lack of killing potential leads to Ren having to deal with lots of towers at the same time and therefore struggling to clear bases
  • I think Ren could benefit more from a change to darkness rising: like removing the spell cooldown between first and second cast OR removing rage cost of second cast OR making it a death gaze type spell in the first place (whilst increasing cooldown to something like 4s obviously)
    Another possibility would be to add a damage component to the freeze spell or increase the % of increased damage towers take

Overall quite underwhelming changes this time around. As usual though, we‘ll have to see how the dragons actually fly ingame with the mythic changes before benching them for good


Increasing the healing was a good idea, if they left it at that then that would have been a net win (slight though it is).

Although we have predicting this a while now, it does feel that WD is getting nearing to its end.

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Yeah it’s a strait up nerf for ammak so might as well not make him mythic and novarion has no rage or health regen


So radiant tier has been tarnished, is this the beginning of the end?

I skipped this season because seasonal mythics are bugged. Guess the real problem with this season is intentional negligence. Too bad linear dragons are effected too.


The fact that the following happened didn’t trigger this response.

  1. Tiered dragons went from 9 to 4
  2. Lost a phase 2 legendary dragon - basically replaced by a resurrection dragon
  3. Lost a phase 1 rider - replaced with resurrection riders
  4. Lost new atlas riders - replaced by resurrection riders
  5. Mythics are constantly being tinkered with
  6. New towers are filler
  7. Had a season where a lot of players skipped a mythic all together (Summer 2022)
  8. Atlas - two failed attempts at making it better
  9. Lack seasonal special events
  10. Resurrection divine/mythics?

Really don’t see at any point the last few seasons anyone with a straight face say the game is becoming richer with content.


Also this season we lost a wave 1 legendary dragon
They also nerfed the contents of the champion rider line a few seasons ago


Not to mention taking mystic fragments out of draconic chests because there were a massive amount of players who couldn’t use them.

But every Trading Post players can trade them in for egg tokens.

Either way the diversity or richness of the game is declining.


Please… :pray:t2:

Fun facts: I don’t fly sorcerers much.

The extra healing is nice but certainly doesnt justify the nerf to the cost. They should have left it at 0 rage for 2 gain as it was. Increased the breath boost to the standard 300% and maybe swapped out the invincibility for a dodge.


Have you met Solarius , bro ? :joy: