Rage Drain Island

What is the best rage drain island without using flaks or turrets?

I have a short base: farms, kill island, and on the Seagazer Island I have a rage drain. What should the five towers on the rage drain be?

  1. five mage
  2. two of each mage + cannon
  3. two of each mage + storm
  4. 3 mage + cannon + storm
  5. get rid of it: go back to 10 towers
  6. something else

Should I level up the back two mages as high as possible? In this old post, https://forums.wardragons.com/t/guide-for-defending-bases/23397, it says “It is important that the towers are not strong enough to withstand desiccating sand or noxious vines, or they will be disabled and left as an anchor to build rage.”

I’m thinking for when it’s defended - as it’s a short base I have plenty supershots.

This one. Try distributing the mage placings all throughout your base tho. Maybe 3 red mages and 2 blue mages for your rage drain island (or flipped), then you can add one of each mage on your kill island, and I assume you have a Crystal Howitzer between those farms? Probably would be best to leave that there. So you’ll have some extra mages left if you follow this. But it’s your base, so you can leave out whatever you want with this information. Just a suggestion :man_shrugging:t4:


Thanks. Yes I have the Howitzer for my farms, and one of each mage for my kill. Any thoughts on whether to max out any of the mages on the rage drain island?

Also, I notice that your base doesn’t have any rage drain before your Seagazer-kill island. Why no rage drain island yourself if it’s what you recommend?

I’m interested to hear any different opinions on a cannon and/or storm for the rage drain island. They could end up being a rage anchor, but the perch does that anyway.

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I also have a micro setup. It’s a free to play lvl 203 and I have my kill island on island two. (Second one from den) from left to right I have farm, farm, mill, I’ve turret, Mill, ice turret for shielding my towers, to slow down hunter ammo regen, and it packs a good punch and costs no embers. Then on island one I have a fire turret, an earth flak, (ads HP to surrounding towers that doesn’t disappear even if destroyed, then red mage in middle, and a blue up front with the only flak I will ever be able to afford as a free to play. On the seagazer I have a perch with an atlas defender with decent gear with a lvl ten elite shield. On that perch island three, I have three mages, two reds and a blue, lvled just enough to get off a shot but not so strong they can be sanded without being destroyed thus preventing a potential rage anchor. The blue is in the front with the other two in the back row which makes killing two in one shot a lot harder. Also you want the blue up front so that no one can use evasion on you in atlas to fly your base faster. This is a common tactic and you need to have a blue mage every couple islands (up to five) this way they can’t cloak over a blue and leave it for a backer and they are forced to ill it. This also makes it take longer to get you in pvp if they have to fly you entire base.

Edit, this alt of mine, is almost an experimental acc. In that you can really see the difference ones main acc grows by comparison, after spending. Also, I know you said you don’t want turrets and you don’t have to use turrets like I do, but you get the idea.

This is just my humble opinion I don’t claim to be the best base builder but if anything I said gave you any ideas then awesome :sunglasses:

Good luck dragon lord

You probably shouldn’t worry about that. I’m not sure how high you’re leveled, but probably when you’re around level 350 or so, people will start attacking you with dragons like Hau and Noctua (I’m level 220 and I’ve started practicing Hau already). They have disabling spells called Desiccating Sand and Noxious Vines, those two you mentioned in your post. It would be best to leave them at a low level (probably about 10 or below) so those can’t be used as an “anchor” (which is basically leaving the towers there, not killing them, and flying over them for more rage for the next island).

My whole base already has mages on it along with my damage-dealing towers on my kill island and my spot-filling towers on the island before it. A rage drain island isn’t the most vital thing to make, but it can definitely be helpful if you see where I’m coming from.

That’s true, but some people (including myself) automatically kill the perch anyway. Unless they’re really in need of rage. And I would say there’s no use in putting a cannon or storm on a rage drain island. But you can if you want to. As long as it drains rage, your rage drain island has a purpose :joy:

I only have two blues for a rage drain on my perch island. Don’t want people wasting SS on it when I have two more on the kill island