Rage indicator for support dragons

Is this an idea that has been floated? I have searched and nothing like this.

When we back up A team mate, we have no idea of how much rage is in the bank, this determines what Dragon to select for the next player.

Could we have a rage gauge for the attacking group of dragons so a more effective choice can be made?

Just a thought.

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There is one on the left when you go to select your dragon

You can also partially judge during the run by watching when their spells turn from grey to colored (and thus, knowing exactly when they reach rage intervals)


On the left? I will look

I look at their spell ability, that indicates 1,2 or 3 rages. That’s all I see to go on.

Is this a stupid idea?


I just saw that on an attack I just did.

Although this is a dumb post it taught this player something new. I never noticed that gauge before.

Thank you!


(PS mark this as solved)

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