Rage over Swap Dragons Button!


What the boink is this doing in a prominent position on the screen?
I play on a large screen phone, Galaxy Note 5, and that stupid button has cost me close to a dozen battles. It almost always occurs when I’m running a hunter between the 3rd and 2nd field, taking out the monument or the last placeable tower, then suddenly, zoom, my hunter zips off into the sky and ticks away at the dragon count for that battle.
In one fight, I actually sent off two dragons before I realized what was happening. Summon…target…leave. Didn’t even fire a shot…twice!
I can’t even figure why that button is there in the 1st place. Why would I ever want or need to swap out dragons during a battle in the first place?
Can this blinkin annoyance be removed, please?


Settings --> Game --> “enable dragon swapping” ---- unclick that


Any idea why its there in the first place?


Its useful to swop dragons

Lets say you doing a pvp event run with inner fires
You want to use 3 dragons to max it, they won’t necessarily die.

Etc etc etc



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