Rage potions spells

Can we get rage potion spells for gods sake

God no, please leave at least a little bit of room for skill over money.

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This is the worst idea I’ve ever heard. Even worse than hearing other people request for PG to bring back past divines/stones/portraits. This is horrible in my opinion

Like Morreion said, there should be room left for skill over money. What good are rage potions for in the middle of a attack? That’s why there are other useful rage giving spells like sacrifice, adaptive resist, and more

Well it won’t happen so…

Use vamp touch…

Stop trolling and give insightful feedback

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Well props for actually an original (to me) idea.

Any chance you could define further what these would entail?
I’m assuming an add on consumable spell that gave X rage for a single time use during the run?

I’m not going to immediately dismiss it but want to hear more about it and what reason you would have for a white sacrifice with no health loss component.

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Yes and thank you for the response. A One time spell boost when I come around the corner would be great.

I disagree with this. It would change the game too much and throw it too far out of balance. It completely negates rage-drain islands and gives too much advantage to spenders. While I agree with Mech that it is great to have new ideas and applaud you for doing so, I don’t think this is one that would make the game better.

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Ok again. Going to need more input from you.

  1. How much rage?
  2. Would it be a blue spell maybe so that you need to at least clear blue mages? Similar to sacrifice?
  3. Would you rather just have a sacrifice consumable made?
  4. What level range are we talking about/what league/how are your dragons? AKA what experience do you have to justify bringing this up for different player level ranges?
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I agree with Donovan and Mech. But like Don said, it would put spenders at an advantage. But as well as Mech put above, we need further input on the properties and stats of the rage potion

I see no reason it cant just be sacrifice consumable; a once off ~2 rage for some hp should be interesting

I actually would like to see a lot more craftables again - elemental barrier comes to mind, vines etc

Would make things damn interesting


Great! People’s practice to dodge rage drains will just be put to waste? Any player can just slowly kill the rage drain while reading a book and hit the “rage spell,” and go into the next island with let’s say 1 rage. Let’s say the attacker was using necryx…pops elemental barrier, kills the flak, the battle is over.

Rage drain islands are hasbeens of an era gone by.

Every tactic has a counter, in this case a cannon or a iceflak.

The whole point is to create diversity, at the moment the entire game is based off a single consumable, at least there will be diversity.

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I was just showing an example of an impact of the rage spell and depending on the exact stats of the spell, it could be a game changing consumable spell.

Totally agree that every tactic has a counter.

Well…the number of players with rage drains has drastically increased over the course of the past few seasons so I wouldn’t say that the era of rage drains has past. In diamond league, that is a different story.

What consumable? :thinking:

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Probably chain lightning on Destar

Similar to how everyone used to run Summon Warrior to absorb flak shots when rounding a bend

And i’m sure there have been others in the past of similar nature, meant at one special stage in the game to do one special effect against a special set of towers.

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if this was my idea I would say the spell is a one time use per run, definitely blue spell there has to be a counter. The spell would only give 1 full rage bar (not sure if i am saying this right, i don’t mean the whole bar) I am not a person who uses sacrifice because i can’t imagine using hp for rage, personal preference. I don’t personally think this would only be for spenders. It could be a craft-able consumable and everyone can craft :woman_shrugging: I’m not sure if op was in these lines. @Slvtov can you go into detail?

But this is mostly due to the broken mechanic of 5 free (level 1) towers being vastly more powerful than 5 actual towers, till nearly max tier. Combined with the extreme escalation of base cost it was only natural that everyone would go the cheap & effective (although unbalanced) route?

This was to a large degree addressed with gear. Which is an expensive solution to a problem that could have been fixed with less cost to the player base.

I think this is a great idea.

Yeah I don’t see it as a bad idea to be honest. If it was an equipable sacrifice spell that can be forged and 1 time use per run it really wouldn’t be a game ender lol.

A mage drain island- if you have 2 defenders then you will have excess supershots to use anyway and most death isles have further mages on them to drain additional rage, just plan your supershots differently if you are worried. A sacrifice spell would likely only gain you one attack in alot of situations anyway.

I think it could make people have to be a bit more creative than just “I drain your rage”