Raid-Option for Invaderbases

Why: I want more time to fly against real bases, either in main-game, pvp-events or in atlas. War Dragons strives to be a RTS-game (real-time-strategy). Live-bases, either defended or not, can provide this. But invaders aren’t very strategic… or at all. They are a duty, like work. Not for everyone I guess. But at least for some, I’m sure.

How: Add a raid-option to the beasts and goldmines in atlas.

You get exactly the same amount of gold and shards like when you hit regularly. Multipliers apply, random chance for and amount of extra loot stays the same. Dragons even get exp.

Now, because this would be too easy, we need some requirements to use this option.

1. You still have to use a dragon. In the end the invader gets burned down and who else than a dragon can do that effectively?

Which dragons are qualified to fly invaders without the magical player hand?
I thought about two possible qualifiers:

The dragon has to be expert.
Why only experts: Leveling up dragons is still one of the main-mechanics in the game and atlas already helps a lot with its max exp-bases. If we were allowed to raid exp that easily, gaining exp would never again be a point. That is not the intention of this mechanic.

Only dragons that have done 100% on an invader as expert.
Why though: Pretty obvious, a 400 mustn’t be allowed to raid invaders with expert Kinnara. The dragon used to raid has to be actually strong enough to do the players invader… and player must have proven that he can defeat the invader with that dragon and his/her magical hand.

2. Heal time – the dragon won’t fly the invader without a scratch. In fact, without the player it gets hurt a little more. Of course, because it doesn’t get the help it needs from, you may guess… yes, the players magical hand!
So, heal time should be somewhere around 70-90% of max. heal time. If you want to raid with that dragon again, you can use a healing pot like always.

Additional thoughts on possible concerns regarding inflation:
Well, this can happen if people begin to raid 100 times a day. Then healing potions are the only limiting factor which in some cases isn’t a limiting factor at all.

My solution:
Each dragon can raid only X times within 24 hours. In combination with the requirements a dragon has to have to be used for this mechanic, this means players have to actually expert different dragons. No more “breedable? BENCH!!” - even lineage dragons have a use.

Take this as an idea to improve the game, PG. Also, revenue: more time for pvp means more energy and inners used and troops killed that have to be revived and rebuilt.

I’m also sure some people in the community will come up with good additional ideas or improve existing ones so feel free to discuss here.

Thanks for reading,

Parrot / Ich


or just any dragon who’s attack is higher than the base’s defense

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This seems mighty complicated. Every player has at least one invader-capable dragon, so you can pretty much get exactly the same effect by just charging one healing potion per run. No need to select dragons.

This might work at low level, but with the amount of invader runs it takes to expert a higher level dragon (easily in the hundreds) I might as well just do my gold runs normally and still spend less time than it would take to have a few expert line dragons.

I appreciate the thought that went into this, but it seems to me there are a lot of things that devs could be doing instead that are a lot more meaningful to the game.


Then again we end up with inflation.

Everyone has a couple dragons that can do raids under these requirements. E.g. my roster and my den are filled with expert emps that could be used. In five levels even my abys drags will be expert.
Even if you only have a few main attackers, it still is time saved for other hits and then you can still hit regularly.

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I like this idea because we spend too much time flying against invader bases and learn little to nothing of our abilities. This is a well thought out plan and would be a step forward, of course everyone will come up with other ideas but i appreciate someone sticking their nose out.


Thank you, I really like this :pray:

Maybe they could make it similar to the event’s raid button. You do a 100% invader run with a dragon, then you’ll have the raid option let’s say 5 (?) times for that dragon by using healing potions :thinking:


what of the dragons that can’t be expert until abyssal lineage mythic releases? :disappointed:

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Might work as well and sounds easier to implement. Just that then there should be no exp for the dragon as also non-expert dragons can be used. And I clearly don’t want leveling to be that easy.


I agree to that. No xp for raiding, but that would save us so much time we can use on much more interesting and challenging parts of the game…

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I am all for this idea and ones like it as this game is too Grindy.

But I feel like we are making this too complicated. Why not just give it a raid button? Complete the run once and you get x amounts of raids before you need to run again. Maybe 3 to account for multipliers.

Why force people to use dragons they don’t want? This is a convenience suggestion. Why add something inconvenient to it?

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I agree it’s a grind and reducing the grind might help, but i think elite is their answer to that grind? They may not want to undercut elite sales.

I also agree with some of Morreion’s doubts. I think if they were to do this they should pick between “dragons still get experience” and “expert dragons only.” Or maybe even not pretend we’re using dragons for this anyway - just charge something. I stopped wanting to expert dragons around emerald or obsidian. Maybe empyreans were still useful when you got them, but… i have to doubt everyone has a stable of expert dragons able to finish invaders. And ability to complete invader could change at any time if you level up, to add another piece of complexity.

I dunno, mixed feelings. I want more time to grind glory instead of gold, but i think they sell a way to greatly reduce the grind and you kinda gotta make glory or whatever else you’d rather be doing a priority.


Right, that is indeed a point I didn’t have in my mind. Solution might be that you have to do a 100% run again with a dragon you want to use after leveling up. Not beautiful but works.
Or even simpler the idea of a raidbutton for next X amount of hits like LisaMW and Mistborn20 mentioned.

Don’t think people would stop buying elite actually. If we say we need one potion for one raid like stated, without elite you need 5 times the potions and won’t have the gold you’d have from one with elite as the multiplier is lower on 4 raids. 2nd raid with elite would match with 6th to 10th without - where multipliers don’t do much anymore and this only becomes worse while the costs (potions) stay the same.
I do believe some wouldn’t be able to cope with the potion-costs if they don’t keep buying elite. Also you need elite to recruit faster and level your gear (the multipliers are doing a big difference here). Why be able to farm gold faster and then slow down everywhere else?

My guess is there will be some who say, they don’t buy elite anymore because of this and others who say I’ll buy it exactly because of this as they can squeeze out more than before in their limited time.

It is kind of a major change to the game but in my opinion one we need to focus more on the fun aspects rather than the boring ones.


You would get no bronze chest ,idk about you but I like my chest,and most likely lose medals as well!

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Don’t need the 500 medals for a run.
And the chests I’ll get on my runs in pvp-events and when I siege castles.
But whoever likes can still use invader to farm chests. It is not a replacement, just an option.

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The whole this will be removing an incentive for elite is wrong imho. Elite still gives you the extra gold and shards. It’ll let you farm substantially faster gold for things like primarch levelling. You also get hat regen.

In order to get enough gold to level any decently levelled prim you would need to run pretty much all of your gold runs to get a single level without elite.

There are still massive advantages for elite. Hell it makes farming gold for prim levelling even faster and safer for elite players. There isn’t a downside to it.

They can still produce masses more troops that a non-elite player per day and they benefit as well


don’t say the truth. i was enjoying the show. :popcorn:

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Great idea :partying_face::+1:

They could really get the elite sales in by ONLY offering it to elite. Another way to get people to spend to not grind as much. Sucks for F2P and basic elite players though

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Genuinely. If this EVER happened then thatd be me tapping out. This should be for all. It should absolutely not be something just for spenders


Invader encourages bad flying imo… the less time spent there the better.

I always thought there should be an activity bonus that allowed players to take shortcuts later. The more active you in event attacks, regular attacks and atlas attacks the more you earn and can use to eliminate the grind in other areas. If all you do is farm then you get to do it the hard way.

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