Raid-type PVP event


Is it possible for the game to have a PVP event where 5 players in a team attacks (at the same time) a fortified base defended by 5 players as well - like an actual raid event?

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sounds fun


Details please…
(need more details for more objective opinion).


5 of you can attack at the same time, not by turns. Each can attack a different side of a fortified base until at least one reaches the middle and destroys the centre (say, a middle tower). The base (star-shaped) can be pre-set up by the team (putting ballistas and whatnot) and can be defended by 5 players when it gets attacked. I don’t now if the developers can do it… it’d be awesome!


So, it’s like more customized maps.

Omitting the fact that it can be implemented or not…

  1. We’re using S-shaped 8 island format right now. How can this be implemented?
  2. What about tower customization?
  3. Will the tower format be used elsewhere? (as for comparison, Atlas battle does not change either tower formation or S-shaped concept. Just slightly(?) changing the placement of the tower.)

I’m not familiar with atlas, sorry… never had it :pensive:

Customised map, yes - maybe, only select team members (e.g. officers) can set up the base. As with the towers, maybe you start with a set of towers then as you advance in the event, you get more towers so you can replace the ones you think are not worth keeping. The team can perhaps have 4 bases to set up (for 20-150, 151-250, 251-350, 351+ level players)


There are some problems then.

  1. Bases used in event are our own base which we build ourselves.
  2. Many teams don’t have players at that level range.
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Just think of all the bugs it would create in normal game play.


im very against this…

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