Rainbow Evolution Orbs


Greetings fellow War Dragon Warriors

I am attempting to get the development team to create a Rainbow Evolution orb as a part of the game.

The Rainbow Evolution Orb will allow any seasonal dragon to evolve to its next available level. This orb would provide the ability for continued game play with seasonal dragons if all orbs are not obtained.

The Rainbow Evolution Orb would only be available during Evolution or Feeding Events as a Gold Chest Prize or in a Purchaseable Prize Pack.

If this is something you can get behind please share your thoughts, reply to this post with “Yes for Rainbow Evolution Orbs”, tell other players to do the same, as well as send a note to the game developers through the HELP ticketing system encouraging its creation.


There are already multiple threads related to “Universal Evolution Stones”. Its a no from me. Get it during the season or not in my opinion. Especially not as a gold chest prize. It would further dilute the chest drops that players want for whatever event is currently going on. Evolution stones should not be a gold chest item, they are far too powerful for that.

If something like this were to come out it would need to be as a ranking reward or season line for a sigil cost, not as a chest drop. Its still a no from me.


Thanks for the feedback, I like this recommendation for an added way to implement it into the game.


Search the forum thoroughly before creating a new topic next time please, there has already been debates about it long and large with different views. Even a topic with more than a hundred replies on this very forum talking about old Divines or universal stones. I see you are very motivated in your idea, but it would have taken just a minute to search for keywords like orb, stone, evolution in the forum and find previous threads people replied a lot to.
Thank you for your comprehension.

My answer to your proposition is a firm no, and I debated enough about it in those other threads I mentioned to be tired of repeating myself why.

@FlashingRed I think you might check this thread cause I feel your words are misinterpreted or misused to serve the OP point of view. (No offense meant @The4thDynasty)


Thank you @Kardul

@The4thDynasty My answer is still a firm No, no matter what portion of my previous answer has been cherry picked out to coincide with your narrative.

I see you joined the forums only 2 min before creating this topic. You should take Karduls advice and read some of the other threads already available about this topic and you will see many people who agree with you and many who disagree. This is a topic of much vehemence in the forums.

I would also suggest becoming familiar with the forums and how they work (specifically the search function)


Yes! I would love this!


No no no no no.

Go read other threads.


Yes, but only for Expert Mythic


Every other day



I would rather push the idea of new forum users with 0 posts have X read time, X threads and X searches completed before being able to post new topics. Right now it’s laughable how much redundancy is being portrayed and being brought up as “new great ideas”.

Also, Support should remove the line “go make a post on our forums and see how many people like it” from their standard message. They should say “go READ the forums for related topics”


Just another day on War Dragons forums…


@Kardul thank you for your criticism and recommendations.


@FlashingRed once again thank you for your feedback and the time you have taken to indulge my inquiry


images (1)
Sneak preview of the next season divine dragon that uses rainbow evolve stones…

New Unicorn Dragon

This. Right. Here.

We’ve been told to “take it easy on the newbies”.

Well how about policing the redundant 15000 threads about the same thing started by players with .04 minutes on the forums? Im boycotting any and everything on the forums that doesn’t pertain to policing this crap…period.


Like clockwork :man_shrugging:t2:


@Gangster exactly what I have been thinking since the beginning but I didn’t dare saying it since it wasn’t very constructive and just fun :laughing:

@mechengg 100% supportive of your idea!


This has been discussed at length many many times in the past. The limiting factor here isn’t whether or not we have ideas for how it could be done, but rather that Seasonal Dragons are by definition a limited-time thing. You’ll have to work towards the tier of Seasonal Dragon you want while it’s around.

Closing thread for redundancy.

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