Rainbow stones idea

@TheRedDelilah I have an idea considering I’m pretty sure 99% of your administrative job here has been closing threads associated with this topic. Create a pinned explanation in general with something like this topic with the excerpt from PG pasted at the top, so that way when people new to the forum show up to recommend this topic will see it is a fossilized topic that has been beaten dead.

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She actually already did this and included it in her FAQ:

Which can be found here:

On top of that, it’s literally impossible for someone to create a stone topic without another closed stone topic popping up while making the title. Or showing up in search (which they never do).

Appreciate you trying to help though; it sucks that so many are determined to keep their blinders on.


Fair enough, my line of thinking was to just make it a unique thread fully visible, so the title would catch would be posters eyes

http://forums.wardragons.com/search?q=rainbow%20stone :see_no_evil:

No amount of posts will help people who don’t search or browse anyway, though. Pinned threads get lost easily. It’d pretty much need to be a forum of a threads of common suggestions but goes back to the same issue.

The other issue is that support tells people to post on the forums with the same ideas that were denied in the past.

I almost freaked out “not another one, again! It’s always too soon!” :scream:

As mentioned, she already did this. Unfortunately it becomes lost in the multitude of threads…


Right? Someone’s throat was metaphorically about to be jumped down. Luckily we actually read more than the title before responding haha.


That’s why I suggested pinning it to the top. But it does seem fruitless. Usually the people posting it are on a mission to be heard about their amazing and fresh idea.

Honestly having to see it permanently at the top would annoy me more than seeing the new ones I think


This basically comes to mind every time such thread happens on this subject…


I actually suggested if we can make certain topics appear on the main menu. But no reply.

I love it. Now we got threads about threads that are duplicate threads. Priceless.


I guess they need to fiddle with Discourse’s mechanic.

Maybe PG should just reopen old dragons for 1 week a year. They should only be 12month and longer ago though. Not more recent dragons!
Let all the ppl that want to waste money on a dragon that won’t be as powerful as the current ones spend their cash and have buyers remorse next week. At least we won’t have any more threads on it!
I certainly won’t be doing it

But if we do that then anyone who ground out for adragon or spent to hit their goal has been effectively duped as they could have saved their cash or time and just got itthe next time around. This is the issue.

You bring back those dragons ever and you risk upsetting anyone who played by the “limited time” rules.

They cannot bring them back. It sucks sure I would love to get morphos but it wouldn’t be fair

Lol i wouldnt care if someone wanted to go back and get more stones and have to pay some $$$$ for it. The dragon would be useless anyway. You couldn’t get a harbinger stone for sage tho (for eg) just whatever it’s maximum was at the time…
As I said I wouldn’t do it but it would stop at least 365.25 threads a year !

That’s good on you for being ok with that but most people wouldn’t. Hell I saved for 3 whole seasons and ground like mad last season for neptus. If I was able to just wait for him then to come back around again then that woulda saved me so much time and kinda spits in the face of my work.

It’s worse for anyone who spent money. We all knew it was limited time only. It’s what we sign up for. Changing the rules later can’t happen


Yeh I agree with that that’s why I said they have to be 12months+ and older dragons, and you can only get stones for existing dragons you have.
Or if people really miss their dragons they can just fly them on a base relative to their dragons level, get bored of them again in a few weeks or months, then bench them again!
And just to confirm that I’m am against the idea , I just proposed it to stop all the new topics being opened!

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I’m just purely 100% against bringing back old, limited dragons. People make mistakes, let them learn from them.


That’s not the way to balance this. It fundamentally changes the rules and devalues work that people who planned, prepared or spent managed to complete.

Yeah we all make mistakes but as red said people have to learn from it.

If they did this it would break any trust that limited time stuff was limited time. You wouldn’t be able to know that what you signed up for is what would happen.

The only way they could do this is if future seasons were advertised as coming back. Not seasons already gone.