Rainbow Transcendence Stone


Can we introduce special stones that will increase people’s brain cell count so they’ll stop asking for exceptional things? I firmly believe that willful ignorance is a blight on this community and we should dedicate all available resources toward eradicating it.

Imagine an app, where people channel their collective brainpower, instead of collective carbon emissions, into making logical conclusions regarding hot-button topics. Think of all the nonsensical arguing we could avoid!

Oh, it’d be simply lovely. Pls gib.


The words “Rainbow” and “Stone” in the title made me go “Gah! Not another one!”

We already had one of those today :unamused::expressionless:

Fortunately your thread was not one of those :joy::joy:


I support you in your fight against the guy :wink:


Oh stop it you /wiggles foot /blushes

What’s with the aversion against healthy civil discussions though? Seeing how this forum is equal parts whining and cat pictures atm I would say we could use some more firm discussions here and there :slight_smile:


It definitely needs more Cat pictures :rofl::upside_down_face:




:scream::scream::scream: That is terrifying!


I simply channeled one of PG’s mantras. “Be careful what you wish for.”


Here’s fruit for thought, Wardragons has been downloaded well over 15 million times. Let’s make a real safe bet and say that only 1 in every thousand downloads is still playing the game to this day. That’s 15 thousand people playing right now. Out of those 15 thousand, how many visit the forums at all? A thousand? Of those thousand, how many contribute regularly? A hundred?

This forum is dead. Have you seen any new guides recently? Anyone writing a guide on their favorite dragon as we speak? No one? Is really all we can do on here watch people complain about the mistakes PG makes, and play the word change game? It’s dead, and you killed it.

But I have a solution for all this. What I’m going to do is the following: I’m going to make a topic because I had to read a discussion today that I did not like. I had to read it although I am of the opinion that everything said is just a repetition and there’s already a clear answer to this. Nevertheless I HAD to read it. And I hated it, god I hated it. I don’t want people like that on my forum so here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to make a topic and feel good about myself when the 10 people that dominate this forum agree with me. And then I’m going to post another picture of my cat. Because who doesn’t like cats?


True. But I alone probably account for at least a dozen of those downloads, and I’m sure that there are those who’ve racked up a hundred or more in an attempt to fix various issues. So this number is misleading at best.

Based off the size of the active leagues, it seems more like 200,000 or so people are playing right now; many more if you count people down in Bronze and such as “playing.”

True. Most players don’t visit the forums. Most players don’t see a reason to, given that the forums may not be in their native language and may not provide any useful information that they can’t get faster from one of the people who does read the forums.

It also means that those who do read the forums tend to fall into two categories: The highly-dedicated, experienced players, and the players who don’t know what they’re talking about yet.

Let’s see. The guides that are of use are updated all the time. No one really writes detailed guides for individual dragons, because the optimal strategies depend on the enemy base, the number of defenders, the talents of the flyer, the stats of the gear/dragons involved, the potential followers, the type of attack, etc.

There’s plenty of room on the forums for things other than complaining about mistakes and playing the word change game. Anyone who’s been paying attention to the forums is aware of that. As well as the fact that discussions on the forums have actually produced noteworthy changes in the game.

Cats are pretty awesome.


This kinda seems off topic compared to my suggestion :confused: So are the cats >:(

Maybe you should follow through with your passive-aggressive monologue and create your own brand new topic?


We found the new bambam. Is like the old one but writing in a more lengthy manner.

On topic: I think that a trascendence stone is needed in various places, not only here… Ignorance is growing everywhere (seems like!) and you can see that in some political aspects that dominate the agenda in many countries…

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Bambam never got his own dedicated topic, I’m kind of flattered really. All it took was 1 sick day off and you’re already tired, even though none of you personally took up the glove, all you did was read and complain. That can be tiresome for sure, no argument there.

It’s a guess, hence ‘very safe bet’ part. Not intentionally misleading, just a substitute since PG doesn’t give actual numbers on player count. Sorry if you felt mislead.

Sorry you are right. Shouldn’t have hijacked your thread, this is a serious matter that needs a serious answer.


I like how this thread doesn’t get locked, but every other thread does.


I would be all for the creation of this stone…but I think merely insisting traditional logic was taught in school would have the same effect.

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Critical thinking, problem solving, team dynamics, and effective communication/persuasive writing should all be Mandatory in High School. Yep.


It’s sad that many of the best things labelled ‘common’ are almost non existent these days… (sense, courtesy, decency). Not directed at anyone here, just speaking in general.


That’s because it’s not actually asking for evolution stones for dragons :rofl:

I personally think nothing has been said in the thread yet that warrants it being locked, though perhaps other mods might disagree with me :woman_shrugging:

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I just think it’s interesting that new players who have genuine questions are shot down, but forum regulars are allowed to just troll now I guess. (This wasn’t moved to off topic until after I made my initial comment)


I think the issue with that is new players to the forums don’t take the time or effort to research if a topic on the subject has already been created. I won’t begin to tell you how sick and tired I am of seeing topics like:

  • Move the swap button!
  • Bring back old divine dragons!
  • Let us get more stones for old divine dragons!
  • What happened to my silver chests? Why can’t I open them?!

I’m sure there are others but those ones appear a LOT and as someone who has read practically every single thread on the forums (except for the stuff in recruitment). I can tell you I am tired of people who show up with a read time of 5 minutes and don’t take two minutes to use the search function to see if their brilliant idea has already been discussed. There are very rarely new ideas introduced on the forums.