Rainbow Transcendence Stone



Because it increased the noise to signal ratio and makes any past discussion harder to find and makes reading up on old topics require many pages of reading where the relevant content is tiny.

We don’t operate how you want. I’m sorry, but it is what it is. Feel free to make threads on how to improve the forums. And be prepared to offer reasons why and hear disagreement.

Again this is a signal to noise ratio thing. Lots of documentation oh how moderating can increase the value of forums by reducing the noise.

The forums are political enough. There isn’t really any good reason I can see to make them more political. Just because our political system operates as it does, doesn’t make it a good reference or even applicable to this.

I’m not sure what makes you think this is a good idea. Please elaborate? Does collaboration closely reslemble poltics?

But it’s really not. I think it shouldn’t be too dry, but it’s not really.

I think the mob posts are far more discouraging to discussion than lack of entertainment.

I honest to god don’t understand what you mean. An informed decision. We are talking about a scenario here in which not only we have a new player that is very quick in accessing the forums (rarely happens, most people find the forums at a later stage), but this new player makes the rather unlikely mistake of taking a comment of a fellow player in a hypothetical thread called ‘discussion about Universal Evolution Stones’ to hold valuable information and decides to base his sigil spendature on that information even though it clearly has nothing to do with the subject that is discussed in this hypothetical thread at large. AND somehow manages to miss all the information both on this forum and ingame about how seasons work. Yeah, I’m sorry, I’m simply not buying that. This is not adding anything to your arguments.

Well, doesn’t that go for literally anything in this game? That’s why they put descriptions translated in pretty much all languages on nigh every clickable item. You want to argue against a new feature on the basis that it will be hard to explain to new players what the precise function of this feature is? That doesn’t make sense, and even if it did you could circumvent that by putting a level requirement?

Why? You’re not using most of them yourself because you have outgrown them. Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to fly the dragons again that you had to painstakingly bank ‘forever’? Also, why does everyone assume that these stones would be easy to obtain? Let’s say you can obtain by hard work or a combination of hard work and spending, 2 of these stones every season. That would mean you would need 1.5 year to obtain 1 new (old) dragon and bring it to obsidian. Or you could put 2 of your favorite dragons permanently back in your rotation. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal for all those oldtimers who had to bank the things they worked so hard for.

Never said it was? The argument was that it is likely that a lot of people want it, and that therefor your statement about nobody being willing to spend anything on this is not all that strong.

Well then what’s the point of arguing if nothing anyone says is able to change your mind. This does seem compulsive to me. You hate the topic, you hate the arguments used, you’re by definition not going to change your mind. Why are you letting yourself get angry over this then?

Hopefully we will. In the meantime, I heard people are bringing popcorn.

:scream: OMG, not the breeding paths!!! :scream:

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Does this not cut both ways?


You make it seem as if this forum is an archive with invaluable information that needs protecting. That’s really just taking your job a bit to serious. It’s a forum, literally a ‘medium’ on which players can exchange thoughts and views, not a wikipedia site.

Is there any documentation on how overmoderating can increase the chance that your forum attracts less visitors? Asking for a friend.

The point was not that the forums should be more political. The point was that the concept of a discussion is not limited to simply letting everyone write down their opinion about something and then censoring people at a later point in time because they have a similar opinion to the one that has already been voiced. Me suggesting that you are not in politics was just a joke, sorry for not making that more clear.

Oh dear. Yes it really is, or at least, that’s how most forums work. You can obviously hold a personal opinion on that matter and on this particular forum. But the amount of very active threads that are solely meant to provide entertainment for forum users suggest that you are wrong.

Of course it does. I simply haven’t heard an argument yet that convinced me. For example, if you could prove that this feature or a similar feature will not make PG money, then that would be an excellent argument that would instantly change my mind. Can’t expect them to do something that hurts the continuation of the game itself.

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Honestly, I just think the players that used to visit the forums have about given up and are waiting to see what PG will destroy next.

I mean, a very wise person told me this season was gonna be spectacular, and thus far, I’m seriously underwhelmed, hanging on by a thread. Edit - the structure is nice, the content, meh

Atlas is boring.

Breeding is boring.

The same PvP events are boring.

Feeding is just as stupid as it ever was.

And that leaves us with Fort. Yay, I get a few new tower levels. And I’m capped again. Boring.

There is little to keep one going after a certain point. Hell, I’ve all but given up on the forums as nothing more than a place to go to see what’s in the patches, maybe grab some seasonal info to say “yup, don’t want that shitty dragon either”, and that’s about it. Maybe I’ll let loose a smartass comment or two on a water dragon, rainbow evolution, or silver chest thread, but other than that…:man_shrugging:



Right now, players have 3 months to get Ronin and/or Zenko. Pure, outright cost, people have been known to spend $3-5k to get these dragons. Many spend less as they grind, plan, and use the whole season to do so. Many, however, need to spend at the end to finish up, especially in the lower leagues.

What if, however, things became available later on? Why would they spend to finish in a set period of time when they know they can continue to play casually and get these dragons. This also applies to getting more stones than a player can use in the near future (ex: player in Green getting an Obsidian stone).


I personally vote for this thread to remain open to contain the “discussion” if nothing else… :joy:


Does the sheer amount of backlash by the playerbase more vividly suggest that there are more people who would NOT like it to be brought back since they already spent the time/effort/money on it?


And… does this not also cut both ways? You can’t say your argument is a good one because you disagree with the other side. I mean, you can. But you’re not convincing anyone.

Can you prove that it will make them money? The burden of proof is on you since you are making the suggestion.


I can guarantee I can predict exactly what the arguments and counter arguments in this thread are and will be.


Gotta have some smack every once in a while. I’m not here because I think I can personally make evolution stones happen remember? If arguing stops being fun I’ll be out faster than you can say Iciclepath

NOW we’re talking. This is an excellent argument. But the matter at hand right now is whether or not the effort/cost X of obtaining a stone during the season can be translated into effort/cost Y at a later point. So we leave the argument of whether it’s a good idea or not and start looking about what kind of structure it would need to have IF we all agreed on this being a good idea. Good god, this is why I love discussions.

Let’s turn it around, let’s hypothetically say that the Universal stone is in fact getting implemented. What would you deem an appropriate cost/effort structure?

Done this before and will not do it again. The discussion is new to you, it’s beyond not new to me.

I cannot say what an appropriate cost would be, because if Pg does that the game is dying and I won’t be playing. The moment I see it (on a not April 1st post), I’m not exaggerating when I say I’d quit. It’s my hard line that I will not cross.

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One million dollars. At the very least. And no, I’m not joking.

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Oh yeah, if they listened to what was requested/complained about the most…they’d be making fixing Ryuu, the stupid water dragon, a priority…oh wait…

Edit - which is a complete and utter waste of programmers’ time imo…


No? Isn’t there a difference between not being able to change your mind no matter what arguments are being brought forth, and being willing to change your mind provided that there’s a good reason to do so?

No I can’t, but not because it is impossible to prove. If we could step out of the discussion about whether or not we all agree we want it (like Delilah just did), and formulate how we would want this feature to look like, then we can bring that to PG who can then make an educated guess about how much that would cost to implement. Then we relate that to whatever estimates the marketing team makes and we pretty decent idea whether or not this would be monetizable. Also we could just implement it at a certain cost and do A/B tests to see how far we can drive up the cost since that’s what PG does with every new feature.

That’s perfectly acceptable. Nevertheless props for the capacity to think outside the paradigm of ‘this sucks because this is not how things used to be’, you’re the first this week.

Now I want to thank you for this discussion before someone closes this :slight_smile:

Not if you’re unwilling to accept the arguments being brought forth? I think your arguments are bad. What does that make me?

So we need to completely disregard the fact that a lot of people simply don’t want it, so we can think up a way to implement an idea that a lot of people don’t want, because that’s objectively better and more productive than saying you don’t want it? This sounds like PG logic.

Except we don’t want it.

Except we don’t want it.

If you looked at any of the other threads about the topic that this thread isn’t about, you’d know that these are the arguments that have been made time and time again. It’s nothing new. It’s nothing novel. You completely derailed the thread because you apparently have nothing better to do. Much appreciated.


Before I close this thread, there’s a few things to note:

I understand that there is a desire to continue conversations around bringing back evolution stones (among other common threads) as there may be other meaning additions to provide in the discussion. However, Pocket Gems has no plans to provide a way to obtain evolution stones for past Divine Dragons in any capacity, even if it’s spun to combine with the water dragon or some other roundabout way to get them back in-game.

The mods are instructed to close duplicate threads that broach this topic since there have been multiple other discussions about this on the Forums already. We have requested them to do this, so they are well within their rights to close threads as they pop up per our request. They have also replied at length with prewritten messaging to make sure that players who are new to the Forums don’t feel like we are closing threads without proper reasoning.

Honestly, this is a tough call to make, because while I understand people want an avenue to discuss these topics, there isn’t a whole lot that can be added to the conversation when there aren’t any plans to change the current state of things. We factor in backend data and player response from more than just the Forums to make decisions about what to update in-game, and this is simply not on the list.

Zesty, while I appreciate this thread created in jest, it is clear that it has turned more hostile than warranted (though I am of fan of the many cat photos in the discussion…). If there are suggestions on how to improve our template messaging around these subjects for new Forums-goers or those who may not be as well informed, feel free to send a message to the Moderator team, Arelyna, or myself and we’d be happy to consider it.