Raising the level of pve events

Just wondering if pg will ever update pve events? Just like this one the last island is only 130. Being 200+ doesn’t make it challenging. Just wondering if they will ever raise the difficulty?

Eh. Just means I can autopilot kinn while I do other things. :joy:


Does the level change based on your league!? Plat 4 maxes out at 90

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130 in my league for last island

Yes it does although I don’t know if it changes between sub-leagues.

The HP for the islands also go up

I do this too! lol. Like read the forums while Kinn does her thing :laughing:

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Plat 2 here. 90 also.

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If people are low on healing potions, Kinnarus + Inner Fire :sunglasses:

@Lutrus :rofl:

Is it sad that I know why you’re tagging him lol

I use my Equestor (auto pilot) and at the same time I’m using my alt to attack with Avyx with one hand. During this, I’m reading forums lol

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