Raising the point limit on crafting event

I think it would be great to have the point limit raised for crafting event. I think it’s a great event where most folks in most teams do really well and could really benefit from having more prizes to earn. Maybe 800k? It’s an idea I’m sure many would be alright with.

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I think there have been increases in all other events within the last months, right? Why not crafting? Gathering shards is as limited as flying gold or leveling your primarch. If you increase the points you can get in those others, why not in crafting as well?

Event History (relevant info)

Sept 2018 they raised the max points in crafting from 344k to 520k

Jan 2019 they rescaled the troop event 344k -> 900k due to the hat regen rate buff

Feb 2019 they increased the rescaled the primarch and rider event 344k -> 480k + 3 more prizes up to 744k

The last thing you mentioned was the increases in other events, they didn’t really happen. It was a conversion of timers->diamonds that happened in April 2019 that you may be thinking of

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should have bonuses like main events this one is finished in a day

Thanks mech!

But still, its much easier (event with elite) to reach the last reward in crafting, than in all other events. And still (i guess you could do the math better than i could ^^), i think the rewards are fewer in crafting if you reach the last one?

Nah final prizes are identical

79,200 of each shard
22,876 diamonds
3,383 scrolls
735 1hr speedups

(+ prim training gives 55 rider shards)

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I may misremember, but I believe they scaled the old max to 600k and then added three tiers on top to 930k.


Yeah you may be correct about that. They did however scale the total amount of shards down in that case instead of adding more into the new 3 tiers.

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