Rajin broken on Gustav's in Guantlet event

Rajin’s Seeker Shots spell (Possibly Shezard’s as well) is broken in Gauntlet. It will only target one tower. Then it won’t fire at all when you tap it. Occurs most of the time.

Steps to reproduce:
1 - Run Rajin on a Gustav base
2 - Tap Seeker shots

One tower is targeted, not multiple

3 - Tap again

no towers are targeted. Retaps result in the same problem for a while.

Swipe constantly when firing seeker shots.
Spell appears to work normally then.

While sometimes it’s desirable to swipe constantly, I often need that hand for other things. No comments from the peanut gallery! :roll_eyes: Minds out of the gutter!

You don’t fly sorcerers with one hand?

If the sorc can’t do gustav with no hands, then it’s USELESS!


I think it’s Storm, then Blue and Red :thinking: :t_rex:


The problem is with Seeker Shots, not Kinnarus’ minion. :roll_eyes:

I’m surprised to see you saying that. One could say this post is about spell targeting.

You need to look deeper. It’s about targeting and triggering/firing. For a type of spell entirely unlike anything Kinnarus has.

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