Rajin usefulness

Hello all
From the last assault I’ve been upgrading the most useful dragons for such event. Between there and now, I got Rajin, and after making him breedable, I’ve continued. It gets very expensive to level, current at 24 with XP for going to 26. Is he useful for anything? I haven’t flown him in a real base. I guess I’ll found out next assault/TR, but just to know if continuing the effort to level him or not.
Thanks in advance.

PS: What I’m levelling with more… focus, are the hunters mentioned in some help posts during assault, by no means I’m disregarding those to level Rajin.

Nope, get killed easily and expensive spells

No he is not

However it’s fun to level them to expert for some of us


He’s useful for breeding better dragons, that’s about it. Once he’s breedable throw him away and forget about him. Even in his concept art he’s hanging one of his heads in shame

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He’s useful for something else… he teaches how to fail spectacularly on easy bases… :joy::joy::joy:

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Teaches flying skill and timing. He is almost always able to clear invader, one mistake and you have a dead mythic.

Thank you all for the answers!
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