Ramnaught Is Now Ready To Plow Through Defenses

Slow to act. Relentless when in motion.

Ramnaught, the Burning Engine, has traveled relentlessly across the Northern Prairies, delighting in conflict and plowing through whatever is foolish enough to stand in its way. Although limited in offensive options, Ramnaught has three powerful defensive spells that make the dragon an implacable juggernaut-- making it a formidable earth warrior that plows through defenses.


● HOTSHOT - Active | White | 2 Rage | Cooldown (6) seconds
Dragon flies at (10%) speed, dodges all non-beam attacks, and damages towers for (6)% of its modified HP each second for (3) seconds.

● SMOKE CLOUD - Active | White | 2 Rage | Cooldown (8) seconds
Dragon cloaks for (2) seconds and flies at (10%) speed. While cloaked, dragon can attack and use its spells without uncloaking.

● COMBUSTION - Passive | Yellow | 0 Rage
Passive: Dragon has (175)% increased breath damage.

● UNSTOPPABLE - Active | Blue | 0 Rage | Cooldown (6) seconds
Dragon heals for (10)% of its modified HP whenever it destroys a tower. Dragon deals 100% increased damage. Rage regeneration is increased by 100%.

Runes and Glyphs