Ramping rubies drops

Have an idea: I think making ruby drops during events would be great much like chests…something more than 10monce in a blue moon or add it as a chest prize.

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unless pg somehow decides to increase the amount of ruby drops than it does currently, i think chests are better.

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At least 50 per drop would be insanely awsome

Chests are quite a bit better of a drop, both for items and timers vs ruby drops and natural timer drops.


exactly why i said unless pg increase the amount of ruby when it drops :confused:

10 rubies drop is still exist during event. The rate is about 1/81k

I know…amount and/or rate of drops should be increased as it’s used as currency.

IDK. :roll_eyes:

I’m very unsure how I feel about this as I’m a p2w, but I still do have a :heart: f2p.

If it becomes easier to get rubies for free, we’ll have a higher risk of PG inflating the ruby cost for everything… more likely sooner than later if that ever happens.

This hurts p2w, at least by a certain degree depending on how much you’re willing to spend and willing to spend more.

But then being able to get more rubies than close-to-none would definitely help out f2p and it is f2p that makes the rest of the pool.

-though we have another catch here as the said inflation will eventually hurt f2p too… so maybe I’m slightly against this?

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