Random darkness / blackout during atlas

My screen just goes dark while chatting , my keyboard is still visible but nothing else is . It also is happening while panning around castles just suddenly screen goes black . The most infuriating it’s now happening more frequently and almost constant when raiding castles , I arrive tap details and primarchs n darkness arrives I can still see defense and offense banners but cannot do anything I have to close the game and reopen as we all know that’s not something you wanna do during a raid by the time you get back in you are dead and get crap glory . Anyone else having this issue …

Ps. Yes pg I have done the close apps, restart, uninstall/reinstall and the hokey pokey to no avail

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I’ve had the same happen for a while now in Atlas, though not in the last week or so. It seems like it’s just the screen going black, the controls still respond, so I can usually get out of it by hitting the button top right to exit atlas. Sometimes zooming out with a pinch will also work for me.

Hi! Make sure your phone’s software is up to date. I use an iPhone 8 Plus and a software update plus logging out then deleting the game and reinstalling fixed my many atlas issues.

Note: This took me a total of 2 hours to complete both the software update and letting atlas download again.

Funny… I was reading your post and about to type ‘YES! This happens to me all the time!” when my screen went black and I had to restart the game (I read the forums from within the game).

It’s so frustrating, and so random! In my case, the entire app just goes black. Sometimes when I’m not touching it at all, just reading teammate conversation. I have to hit the button on the iPad, then kick the app out of memory and restart.


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