Random dragon that I hnad the idea for, the next mythic is about to come

Dragons Suggestion for next season : Based on my imagination, dragons can be dog water/OP
Wave 1 MYTHIC 1:
EXTRA BRANCHES : Redemption Branch, Base Boost Branch
In Game Description : Angering The Wrath of Nature can have horrible outcomes…
APPEARANCE : A Dragon that is covered in leaves and branches with rocky spikes occasionally appearing across the body. Each Scale has it’s own unique shape and style. The Dragon floats with no legs and the head is a miniature tree with the roots forming into its mouth. The breath is a giant fireball made of wood that burns up when fired.
SPELLS : PASSIVE : INVOKE PROTECTION : The last attack deals 2000% percent of the normal fireball with a large AOE effect
PASSIVE : POWER OF NATURE : When dragon is recharging ammo, it gains a shield that reduces 90% of incoming damage. If below 25% health, this passive cloaks the dragon.
UNCEASING POWER, WHITE 0 RAGE: When cast, dragon destroys every single mage tower on an island but is unable to destroy anymore mage towers with fireballs/ spells after cast. Has to be cast again to allow the dragon to destroy mage towers manually with spells/fireballs, but when recast it brings back all the destroyed mage towers except they have only regained 10% of their previous HP.
OBLITERATION, RED, 1 RAGE : When cast, dragon targets a tower manually and destroys it. Nearby towers take increased damage from all sources and cannot fire supersets, damage is reduced by 50%
CONSTRUCTION, BLUE, 1 RAGE : Unlocked after casting Obliteration. When cast, heals the dragon by 40% of its max HP and gives it a damage buff by 50% and other attacking dragons. The buff never ends for the entire battle and can stack. After cast, the spell changes back to Obliteration.
LORE ( Very bad lol ): The never-ending war in Atlas has ruined majority of nature. Animals dead, trees burnt down and dragons raiding castle after castle. The destruction has caused multiple dragons of nature to fuse into one, Charaktar. This dragon is an undefeated force in the battlefield and the legend has it that it wields spells so powerful that it could destroy Atlas by choice.
RECOMMENDATIONS : Charaktar is a dragon who can blaze through defences easily if the pilot is skilled enough. This dragon is recommended for smaller bases as it can destroy all of the mage towers on one island. Obliteration and Construction are offensive and defensive spells in one, and must be wielded wisely for the dragon to be at max potential.



But, like, what? It has 5 spells….and uhhhh, I don’t even know what to say lol

Analysis of spells

Yeah this is way too strong. Spells aren’t based on fireball damage so i am going to translate this to Modified Attack, and Ikkumma’s invoke shot deals only 1500% modified attack and that can one shot towers a few levels above you. If you deal more damage plus have a “large AOE effect” this will be too much.

Now this is cool. I like this, but i don’t know how feasible this would be to put into the game.

Yeah no. Way to complicated to code and even harder to use. This spell is useless, if you use it at the start of an island and then forget to recast it you may fly over mage towers and not get 100% destruction.

Decent spells but needs some tweaking. Obliteration should be white. Imagine Steelwing with a red one shot spell. it wouldn’t work.
Construction, that healing is a bit too much. probably should be 20%.

Why the dragon won’t work:
It has no dodge or cloak to stop supershots from hitting it. It will die. Unceasing Power barely has any use as the dragon’s spells cost little to no rage meaning mages aren’t that big a threat. The one shot is red meaning it can’t destroy towers protected by a red mage. The dragon doesn’t really have ways to deal with orreries or howis on back islands besides the invoke or oneshot if there are no red mages.

Cool aspects that i would love to see in game:
The passive where the dragon gets a shield while reloading. This is cool. It may even be able to be combined with the invoke passive allowing the dragon to have another spell, as some recent invokers have invoke passives where it reloads faster, although i don’t really know where PG puts the line between 1 and 2 spells.
Construction is cool, how it gives the dragon an attack buff. This would help invokers with clearing bases a bit faster as they rely too heavily on their invoke to do anything. However I would specify that this spell doesn’t affect the invoke’s damage as that is already over-tuned, if it has a stackable buff applied to it :grimacing:.

Only one thought, at least the. Design choice is interesting… :sweat_smile:

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