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Don’t know if any of these have come up before, but not reading every thread to find out, so here goes.

Wars & Defense Points - Unless it’s 250/250, defense just doesn’t matter. I’m sure that’s common in the upper leagues, but I bet defense becomes an annoying chore when attackers can just quit and attack again and again, and defense costs resources where attacks cost nothing. I suggest changing how defense points count to change the dynamic of wars. Simply, each successful defense adds a point to your actual score, including a quit attack. This makes defense matter more at all levels. It dissuades the endless quit and attack until you get an undefended base (I’m not sure why this is even a feature). It makes the the situation where a full team of 50 somethings with a level 300 backer or two beats the nearly full team of 100’s and 200’s more difficult, as it should be. It gives the less than full teams with higher levels a fighting chance. Why should it only be about team size? That just seems really shortsighted. I bet at the upper levels when you lose 1 person you get 24 wars declared on you. This would give you better chance to stay in your league.

Recruiting - The tools for recruiting in the game are…ummm…lacking. You can send random invites, which is all but useless. You can do a team search and send invites, until you wind up seeing the same teams in the search over and over. The reach is very limited. You can post in the forums, but most people don’t check the forums, and almost everyone who does is looking for upper levels with atlas. There are other ways but they’re all a lot of work and/or not very effective. I’d suggest an in game option to put yourself on a list of players looking for team, that officers can search, and see the relevant info INCLUDING ACTUAL activity level and send invites out to. It would be so much easier and less time consuming to recruit. If you have a DBA on staff then this is totally doable. At the very very least, let us see the actual activity level of players when you search teams. The lack of an effective recruiting system is one of the biggest impediments in this game.

PVP Events: Energy reset timers should never be more than 12 hours. Period.

Bases, game changes, and leveling - The game changes, the balance changes, dynamics change, new towers are released, but you cannot adjust your defense without leveling. Why the game made player level tied to base defense is something I’ll never understand. In truth, the higher you go the less the number next to a persons name really matters. Anyway, you should be able to adjust your base defense, or implement newly released towers into your defense, without having to level a ton to do it. Every time you level without actually increasing defense means you effectively got weaker. At the same time, the game rewards leveling and makes it easier than leveling your dragons. You all know what happens. You have to know very early how to build effective defense or you’re just screwed. And when you’re recruiting for a competitive team and you see a 200+ with level 30 towers and still working on platinum tier I bet you keep looking. I would suggest implementing a system where you can scrap old towers and use it as an offset for xp that would have been gained… like a credit (in reverse?). That would be used to build a new tower without getting the associated XP up to the old towers level and/or associated XP. So you could get rid of those level 25 ballistas sitting in storage and use it to build somerthing else up to level 25 or whatever the XP gain associated with that tower was. Or switch fully leveled level 50 flak for something else. It would still cost you to make changes, but nearly as bad as it is now.

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You get a defense point for just having defenders in the room. Even if they win. Even if they quit.

Like the rest.



If anything, you should only get a defense point if successful. No participation trophies.



I think it either use to be, or was thrown around, something like this. I believe the exploits to it were considered too annoying (swap before death, force close).



You would get a defense point for downed dragons :+1:



I see. That would make sense. Not really worse than the quit and attack again and again though.



I disagree. I love it when people keep quitting and attacking again (at least for the kind of team I’m currently on), as it makes the war easier to win.

And even when I was back on a Platinum team there WAS one war where neither team got to 250 flames but we were tied on flames so it came down to the team that had the most defense points.



Ok. To me it just seems to make defense pointless when you can just keep attacking until you eventually sneak one in undefended. That and the fact that defending costs the defender resources whereas attacking an infinite amount of time costs nothing.



That’s why higher competitive teams just get their flames early and defend until they have more. Then you’re done



If the person doesn’t have back up, I stop using defensive consumables as soon as their first dragon dies. If there is back up, I stop using defensive consumable either as soon as they accidentally leave a tower alive, or get shot down, which ever comes first. You’re trying to force them to repeat the run to get 5 flames, as soon as 5 flames is impossible, you save your stuff.


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