Random mage shooting

Would it be possible to fix that annoying glitch, when you leave a blue mage on first small and get around the corner of second small it almost always supershot and you get hit randomly… this glitch been there for a long while. Please fix it @PGJared

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You mean the Kobe glitch?


It’s not just a mage. Any tower there will get you. Nothing like a short range dark flak taking you out from 3 islands away…


Yes, exactly. It always happen right before turning to second small

Wow… it’s being looked at since december 17th already… maybe it’ll never be fixed lol

Yeaaaa, I’m no longer holding my breath on this one.


The Kinnarus summon warrior bug only took what, 8 months to get fixed? We are only up to 6.

I just make damn sure I don’t leave a tower back left on the temple island.

so if I use summon warrior spell at 1st attacker and the 2nd dragon is kinnarus, will the dodo getting shot?

No. They fixed that.


@Arelyna any news about it? December 17th you said that you’d forward it to pg’s. :slight_smile:

It’s probably a deep rooted code issue if it hasn’t been resolved by now. It’s not like they’re like oh I love Kobe let’s keep this glitch in. It’s more like they opened the hood and saw how ugly the code is and were like fuck it it only affects 5% of occasions just ignore it we’ll figure it out later… and later never comes cuz its too hard

I may be projecting a little :joy: but yeah code is terrible. More likely this than them being purposely annoying.

Then again as an LA boy I love Kobe so… maybe their engineers are laker fans :crazy_face:


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