Random values for Gustav bases

So, my first attack on Storm Isle showed this:

Subsequent attacks showed this:

Anyone else see a problem here?

Yes, I do


Yep, same here

I wonder if this can explain it…

So, if I read that right, it’s SUPPOSED to be random? Going from level 75 to 150?

Who thought THAT was a good idea?


Edit: corrected misquoted values


Edit: ignore me :walking_man:‍♂nothing to see here



I don’t mind it, if you get a AI too high, quit and start again, it gave me a shot at defeat last island as low level.

A bit time consuming, I get my desired target about 1 in 7 tries, but I get more points per attack.


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My little alt whose main dragon is stuck at green (0 riders and 0 gear) has been able to clear all of them. I haven’t found a reason to re roll :man_shrugging:

Edit: granted my alts main dragon is necryx :heart_eyes:. Fairly certain that anyone with ettin could do it fairly easily though

With all due respect, if the only way to get a decent base is to quit the game six times, I’d call that a serious design flaw. (Or, what is known in the WD community as just another Wednesday.)



That is what I interpret as well, but in the past this part of the coding didn’t work and only 1 of the values was assigned.

I’m guessing that they may have “fixed” this error when updating the PvP HP

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So they “fixed” it to make it seem like it’s broken. Sounds like the PG way to me :joy:

Main problem is still that neither of those is anywhere near level 250…


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