Randomly daily’s Happy Hour


I have an suggestion:

What about a randomly daily happy hour where all cost and rss for upgrade splitten in half? So it benefits those players which are continuously online and playing that game!

Only the player which is online is notice a small popup which tells there is now the happy hour starting… and count down to zero…

What you think about that? It makes this game more attractive for all players to play and wait for the happy hour!


I like the sound of that


I play other games that do this, it’s a win win. The normal spenders will spend anyway, this will imo pick up the casual spender to spend cause they will benefit more. Maybe u are code to getting enough eggs and u normally don’t spend, ummm happy hour, ill drop enough to get those eggs.

Is it my 2 cents to your topic.


Sounds fun, I think there would need to be at least two happy hours. This game is global, so at some point, it will encroach on someone’s sleep time.


Whole point is, you can’t be on every time there’s a happy hour. But one a day seems reasonable. Of course it can come on any of the 24 hours. There’s always the problem which isn’t really a problem but it is a buzzkill for finance and that’s teams that communicate and tell everyone when happy hour is. I don’t support this idea since I don’t see the money making benefit for PG. as consumers we are bound to look at both sides of the spectrum. If you can suggest why PG could make money out of this I suggest you do and maybe I’ll change my view.


That’s the idea… win win! You’re right. Actually it benefits also player which hasn’t time to play so often… maybe on weekend, so they just wait the daily’s and can support their teams as well as the other members.

Thx for the comments


The point is… PG makes money from those who wait for that happy hour! You’re not just sitting and look at your display… so you’ll think to use the time proper for base improvements and drag lvl up! So all will earn benefit in a long term!


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